Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Profression Predator

I have spent a lot of money on Leatherworking. It was my first profession, and I will never drop it, not only because of the investment, but because I'm a sentimental kid like that. I'm missing around eight patterns (besides Ulduar, which is STILL holding out on me - but oh, we've had two of the SAME enchanting pattern.... /rage), so I pride myself on having the most complete Leatherworking on server.

That said, I also like to make some money off my profession. I'm not out to take over the market or anything, but I do like tips. I'm constantly linking to the requests in Trade, but you waste time having to open the spell book to link. I was working on a tell macro to respond to requests, but it never developed.

However, I came across an awesome mod called AutoLink. It scans the channels you specify for "LF", "link" and "!" and automatically sends a tell if you have the sought-after profession. It also recognizes if another player has a mod (like DBM) that blocks tells, and it temporarily ignores them to prevent spam.

I'm in LW heaven.

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Zalenna Feathermoon said...

I am the same way with Alchemy , i have almost all of the recipes , and the hardest i would need to get the the one sold by the Scyer faction when i am Aldor . That is goin to suck big time .

Goin to be dropping Herbing cause my farm alt is alomst up there , so Engineering for my main to ....that is goin to be fun and painful to lvl