Friday, April 10, 2009

The Cookies of the Dark Side

With the patch potentially coming next week, there is a rush among the raiders to polish off Glory of the Raider. Those of us who have things like the stupid Volcano achievement are hoping that the patch will wait until the 21st, but regardless, there is now real incentive to push even harder. After all, the next set of 310-speed protos will only be more difficult to attain (and exceedingly more attractive).

So with great bitterness, I'm respeccing to SV for the three hour increments that we push our second kill on Sarth10+3D.

First off, I find it greatly annoying that I'm doing half the work and getting more DPS, though I will admit, when Lock and Load procs, spamming Explosive Shot is fun. Secondly, I dislike the fact that my mana issues are essentially non-existant compared to Marks. I was running dry on the first drake as MM; as SV it took me half-way through the second.

It was an interesting experience suddenly switching to a ubur-range frame of mind. I'm in a happy rut for Three Drakes, moving in the exact same way every week. But now I have to keep in mind my range for Sniper Training, and I'm sure my having to think about that hurt my DPS some. Oh, and that trapping thing... yeah, that'll take a bit to get used to.

I was going to stay SV for the weekend, since I really need to work on my BA, but then I noticed it's WSG weekend, and decided that staying SV was just not going to happen. No way am I going to grind rep outside of my comfort zone. I was back MM not five minutes after leaving the instance. My gems will have to stay Agility for the weekend, but it's a tiny loss compared to the gold it would take to do Agility -> AP -> Agility -> AP.

No, there is no amount of ease or DPS that could ever tempt me away from Marksman. It's complications are, afterall, one of the qualities of the spec that make me love it. But if I have to forgo my short-term happiness (and I mean extreme short term: maybe eight hours) to make up for Blizzard's folly of making 10-man Sarth3D more difficult than anything 25-man, so be it. At least I'll get a cool title out of it.


Anonymous said...

I'm totally of the opinion that there's nothing one spec can do that your chosen spec can't. You totally should have stayed MM. Mathematically this is probably wrong, but I'm all about spec loyalty. I'm dumb like that!
Good luck on getting the achievement. Hope to see pics of the acheivement and said rewards soon!

Negathle said...

Don't make me feel any more dirty than I already do... >_<

Torgall said...

Yay for spec loyalty! I'm still upset I can't put all my points in MM! :p

And give us back our scatter shot! LOL I know, technically it 'fits' more in under the 'Survival' title. But still, it was ours first (I think)!

Kheldul said...

Bah! Why'd you go SV if it wasn't for the DPS? Were you the only source of replenishment?

Negathle said...

Oh, it was for the DPS, pure and simple. MM doesn't have the mana efficiency to keep up the necessary DPS.