Sunday, November 30, 2008

Something is very very wrong

Ran heroic Utgarde Keep and Pinnacle today. Neither the bow nor the belt dropped. The other DPS were a Affliction Lock and a Shadow Priest - both were better geared than I, but we managed to leap frog around each other for the most part (Volley tends to be my saving grace in the long run).

What I didn't like was the fact that I had to mana up after every two pulls, while the other four mana-users in the party rarely drank. I would be at near empty while everyone else would have 3/4 blue underneath their names. I was drinking while they were pulling, and that definitely did not help my overall damage. I tried my damnest to keep out of Viper while actually fighting, but it was tough.

MM is not mana efficient in the slightest, and Viper is not the solution.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Back in the saddle (again)

I jumped in with the Naxx run last night. As much as I enjoyed my two week break, it was nice raiding again as well. I felt slightly awkward jumping into a 3/4 cleared instance, and felt a bit guilty taking some gear (and by some, I mean Torment of the Banished off of Thaddius, which is a fair enough start for a DW set, I suppose - no one else wanted it).

Speaking of Thaddius, I hate the fact that people run him as "negative charge goes right and positive change goes left." SO BACKWARDS AND NOT INTUITIVE IN THE SLIGHTEST! Drives me nuts because I actually have to think about how to move.

One shot on both Thaddius and Razuvious, then we spent the rest of the night being raped by Gothik. Our set up was this:

Tanks: Two warriors, one well geared, one off-speccing for the fight, so not so well geared
Healers: Druid, pally, shaman
DPS: BM hunter, MM hunter, Destro lock, Boomkin, Frost mage

We tried so many different variations of players on the sides I couldn't begin to list them off. Because the two hunters tended to kill everything quickly, we were typically on dead side, but if we became overrun, we had no way to catch up, because if anything was in our melee range, we were screwed (I hate anything that doesn't slow). I discovered the utility of Disengage for such situations, but the CD was too long for the majority of instances. The offspec tank took responsibility for the night, since he is typically fury and hasn't really tanked since AQ40 back in the day. A pally tank would have been much easier, but he didn't show.

Overall, I was third in DPS, totally outstripped by the BM hunter in complete lvl 80 gear from heroics and Naxx, and the Destro warlock in majority lvl 80s gear. I beat the mage still in 70s gear (like me) and the boomkin in leveling gear, so I feel satisfied with how I did overall.

I really need to check what gear I should aim for in Naxx. Stupid RL taking up precious WoW time! :P

Friday, November 28, 2008

Oh, mages

I ran Violet Hold last night with a pair of guildees and a couple of puggers. The inguild mage said she had a goal: Keep up with me on DPS. Inwardly, I went, "Yeah, right." She was a 77 in leveling gear verses me in T6; I did twice the amount of damage as she did (roughly 50% vs 25%). About a third of the way through the instance, she went "Jesus Neg - there is no catching up with you at this point." Silly mage, I could have told you that before we even stepped foot into the instance. More amusing was a 73 Blood DK that came along. Most of us are still ignorant about DKs, but evidently as a tanking spec, you really suck for damage output. Either that or the guy is fairly incompetent... It did mean we were essentially four-manning the instance, and that did not make Zuramat the Obliterator very fun at all...

Leatherworking hit 421 - a lot of Jormungar Leg Armor and Packs of Endless Pockets were made. the nice thing about Violet Hold was the leather I got out of it, not to mention the precious, precious Icy Dragonscales... Not sure where to go from here - generally the orange recipes are rough as hell to make, while some yellows are still tolerable.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Icecrown: Can you rip of Tolkien any more, Blizzard?


And the infra-green? Isn't that what we would call.... yellow? Common, you do have intelligent people playing this game, Blizzard...

However, going into the Emerald Dream was cool, though I didn't expect it to be like this. I wanted an instance or portal version, but I suppose this suffices.

And is this what the game is like when you are high? Does it sparkle like this?

New favorite quest line!

Taking control of the lithe stalker was probably the most fun I've had leveling. The jumping aspect was exciting and made me particularly envious of loosing the ability to scale walls once I let the little guy go. And pushing off stone gargoyles was all too amusing.

New hated quest line: Crusader Bridenbrad.

Gotta save the guy from the Plague. Try the druids. Nope, the seeds from Remulos have no effect. Try Alexstrasza, the Dragon Aspect of all Life! Alas, no her life-bringing breath does nothing. Okay, our last-resort: Go to A'dal. Lo and behold, the avatar of the Light does the job, and our poor Crusader is taken off too a happy afterlife.

I see what you did there, Blizzard.

I'm a big fan of my RP games remaining secular as far as real religions go, and this toes the line. Both the magic of the druids and the great Aspect of Life herself could not save the life of this man, BUT the light can. The similarities to pagan-scorn vs. Christian-redemption is all too blanant for my tastes, and I was not impressed with this quest line.


Oh, yeah. I hit 80 last night.

New goals: Farm a ton of Nerubian Chiton, Icy Dragonscales, and Boreon Leather in general, to get past 412 on Leatherworking already.
Get Loremaster.
Dungeon crawl! Wooo!

This also leads me to the issue of The Last Talent Point. Currently I am 7/56/7 and fairly indecisive about where my last talent point will go. As tempting as always is Hawk Eye, but I'm also considering a point in Piercing Shots. No, I will not place into Rapid Recuperation, as much as my mana pool is in constant agony as I grind. Seriously, I hate Viper 3.0. I want two Vipers: A constant mp5 that doesn't stunt my damage by 50% while I'm farming, and a mana-returned-for-damage-done version for instances. This compromise sucks massively.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The raiding season has begun..

A week and a half after Wrath went live, my guild has over twenty 80s. The peer pressure to hit 80 and start running heroics and 10-mans is great, and, I admit, concerns about being left behind have crept into my thoughts. This is silly, of course. There are three officers who have not hit 80 yet - all three of us are undergrads with busy schedules. We want to raid as much as the next WoW-addict, but we are all too aware that we have to keep RL in order first.

So a large chunk of my guild ran Naxx tonight, and I hit 78 and started towards 79.

Along the way:

I love Titans, and any large, primeval woman wielding Lok'delar is a friend of mine.

I want a giant, portable aquarium...

I decided to polish off all the exploration achievements now that I can fly again, so I investigated all the nooks and crannies of Icecrown, Storm Peaks, Grizzly Hills, and Howling Fjord. All the discovery experience tallied up to a nice 3+ bars, as well.

I wonder who lives here?

I was completely blown away by the detail incorporated into the Storm Peaks. Blizzard definitely won me over for new graphics.

I made an attempt to look for the books in Dalaran that lead to the Higher Learning achievement, but evidently they were all on cooldown. Instead, I found a dated issue of Kin Tor Monthly and an example of their blatant elitism:

I can sorta sympathize with the Blue Dragonflight now...

My heart totally melted when I met the little furry Frenzyheart!

No, we don't like the dumb! They are such cute little pretentious bastards!

Awwww, look at him be all boss-like! I was completely pumped to start grinding rep for them, freaked out when I "accidentally" saved that ugly little Oracle and went to hated with the Frenzyheart, then became bummed to discover that I "need" to rep grind for both of them anyway. I really dislike the Oracles - they may be the next "evolution" of murlocs, but they look more like gremlins to me. Their toothy faces rather disturb me... /shudder. So I'll get their rep grind out of the way first, then switch back to the Frenzyheart.

Yes, I am surfing on the back of a crocodile.

For Rilgon:

Totally thought of you <3

Monday, November 24, 2008

The scientist in me couldn't resist...

A bottle? Huh, looks like a random assortment of left over potions... I wonder what happens when you drink it?

Help meeeeee..... Help MEEEEEEEEE....
/end falsetto

Okay, no, I would enjoy temporarily becoming a giant hymenoptera, though I'm sure it's nowhere as pleasant as being a giant lepidoptera :D.

For the Love of the Horde!

So, the Wrathgate questline? That Coolest Questline Ever? It rocks.

Life needs more cut scenes, and I've decided that when I grow up, I want to be a red dragon.

Not only are you undeniably sexy, but when you breathe fire, new plant life springs up!

Off I go to the strangely empty Org to find Thrall, and look! Jaina shows up!

Oooo let's go retake Undercity, and kick that bastard Varimathras (and his ugly new sideburns) in the testicles!

Now, what do you see wrong with this picture? Okay, it's sorta difficult to tell in this screenshot, but Sylvannas is meleeing.... Yes, the ranger-general is dual wielding and meleeing... However, something very pretty in this SS is my Volley DPS. Check out how shiney Chimera becomes:
Oh, I love Thrall/Sylvannas buffs :).

And now I can FLY AGAIN! Woooooo!

Only to promptly get dismounted over Wintergrasp...

Oops.. why, hello there PvP zone! How do I get out of you?





Sunday, November 23, 2008

Blogroll update

Bandet threw in the towel in disgust over SV's current state, so he's off to play Warhammer. We'll miss his snarky comments, but best of luck to the PVP-inclined.

I meant to add No Ammo Melee Time a long time ago when Thracyyus first posted and I noticed The Butterfly was on his bloglist, but things kept distracting me. Better late than never :P

Also adding Mend Pet to the list, mainly because I'm tired of going through SES to read it.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Say hello to my little friend!

Rawr. I approve of any quest that allows me to ride on the back of a god and squash things underfoot.

Meet my new Goddess. Sure, she's a bit Cthulhu-esque, but any Windserpent goddess is a goddess of mine. Too bad they just recycled the Hakkar model. As a guildee put it, "WotLK: The recycling bin of WoW." Now, where's the Moth God, eh?

Worst. Hole. Ever. To make matters even more ironic, this little hole here wouldn't have been an issue if I was 77 instead of 76...

Leatherworking hit 410, and I discovered the joy of Embossing. Ah, my pretty little Nerubian Leg Reinforcements! Fur Lining, where have you been all my life?

Speaking of professions, it appears that many guildees are dropping engineering in favor of more profitable means. This does not make the arrow-needing me happy.

I'm off to Sholazar Basin next, to work for *shudder* Hemet Nesingwary. I really hope I get a D.E.H.T.A. quest to kill the bastard. Not that WoW is an accurate respresentation of nature (what with respawn timers), but I never liked the Nesingwary quest lines - they just don't sit well with the biologist in me. Kill all the invasive species you want, but hunting native species and weaking the diversity of the ecosystem is pure stupidity. Meh, Blizzard is pretty terrible about their use of science in the game, so I've just resigned myself to ignore such things.

I can't wait to be able to fly again...

Friday, November 21, 2008

75? Okay, I'll take it.

After a little college crisis that resulted in two days of no play and an hour-long panic attack resolved only though the powers of Bailey's on the rocks, I finally managed to get some game time in. For an hour.

Meh, it was enough to get to 75, level up First Aid a bit, and skin a TON of Borean Leather. I wish I could have done Clipping Their Wings and Stocking the Shelves forever, as Trapdoor Crawlers and Zul'Drak have 100% drop rate for regular Borean Leather. With a ton of people doing them, I managed to get over three stacks, which soon became Heavy Borean Leather (and that only rewarded me a single skill point...).

Don't ask me how I'm leveling Leatherworking or what guide I'm using. I do it the old fashioned way: Get a lot of mats, make the most of the orange recipies I can, rinse and repeat. I'm at 403 right now, the Zone of Mats Besides Leather. Meh, I'll get to it. Not that it's not a priority - I just haven't had the spare time to put thought towards it.

Right now I'm more embarressed about my lack of dungeon experience at the moment - I've only done one run through the Nexus. I haven't upgraded a single peice of gear, though I've seen things that are close, they are usually peices that take away my precious hit. Supposedly I'll have to say good-bye to my baby, ol' Bristleblitz Striker soon. I hope it's not for a gun... I don't like guns... or crossbows.... I'll be hard pressed to upgrade from my bow.

I like the new Hakkar model:

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Gettin' personal

The reason I picked up WoW over three years ago was to play with my then boyfriend, now fiance, as something to do together, despite the thousand miles apart. We were both gamers, so it made sense. It sure as hell made daily conversations easier, and while I can't exactly credit WoW as the "savior" of our relationship, saying that it was just a shared hobby doesn't do it justice either. WoW gave us the means to figure each other out, to test each others limits, and to learn to rely on each other despite not being in physical presence. There are other ways of doing all of that in a long distance relationship, sure, but WoW made it simple.

We didn't really do anything together besides raid and instance running - we couldn't level together because we have different play and leveling styles - but we did grow through the game together, learning tactics and struggling on the bosses. So considering how little of the game we actually played together, it's kinda silly to think that WoW has lost its purpose now that he can't raid.

The boy got The First Real Job. He wasn't sure he could do the raiding to 1 AM when he first got the job offer, but he became certain when he found out his hours were 6:30 AM to 3:30 PM with two hours overtime "encouraged", six days a week. He'll probably still play casually, but raiding is essentially done.

This leaves me in a sort of a dilemma. The boy not being online pretty much defeats the greater purpose of WoW for me. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy playing, I love my friends online and mastering my class, but now I'm doing it alone, and strangely enough, that's a buzzkill. I'm not even 75 (five bubbles yet....) and I'm considering quiting the game. WTF am I supposed to think about that?

I'll wait it out, hit 80, see if it has any further appeal. I'm not going to lie: The "race to 80" was a turn off. I've been enjoying taking my time, leveling as I please. Not having a strict raiding schedule this past week has been rather nice. But peer-pressure to level quickly and start raiding again is rough. There is also some guild drama that I'm not exactly thrilled to deal with, but is expected as a raiding guild in a new expansion. We'll see. I've had this mid-life gamer's crisis before, it just takes time to determine the outcome.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Two Aspects for the Price of One

So, why do I even have Hawk and Monkey again?

Hellooooo Dragonhawk!

Woot, 74!

Finally, time for Dalaran!

It took me a bit to find it, but I must say "The Filthy Animal" sounds like the ideal hunter inn!

Too bad it's located directly next to The Worst Dead End Ever. It's going to confuse me for a long time, I can tell you now.

And I may or may not have spent the next 40+ minutes fishing for coins >.> (I got four gold!)

And in other news, I hate it when this happens:

Being reduced to a pair of antlers really must suck...

I hate being torn

I'm halved again, by virtue of my fiance back on a plane towards his new job in St. Louis. I'll see him in a couple of weeks when he drives up for Thanksgiving, but until then, I'm back to being lonely. I wish I could say that being in a long distance relationship makes it easier to be separated, but it really doesn't; each time we part I feel like a part of me is being torn away.

Anyway, enough sappiness. I'm going to play an exceedingly large amount of WoW to make up for the time "lost" this weekened! I'm only 3/4 to 74! This must be fixed!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sunday comics

Gotta love a syndicated comic whose writer/artist also happens to be a gamer.

I have several other Foxtrot strips pinned up on my wall, including this and some of this.

And here I thought queues were a thing of the past...

Yeah, right.

I haven't experienced a serious queue in over two and a half years.

Stupid everyone, wanting to experience Northrend...

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Titles Earned

The Hallowed
Astral Walker
of Silvermoon
of the Undercity
of Orgrimmar
of Sen'jin
The Argent Champion
The Noble
of Thunder Bluff
The Love Fool
The Bloodsail Admiral
Twilight Vanquisher
Champion of the Frozen Wastes
The Seeker
The Diplomat
The Explorer
Hand of A'dal
Champion of the Naaru
Guardian of Cenarius
Senior Sergeant

Traps are your friend

I forgot to mention this yesterday (my hubby is here for the weekend, so you have to forgive my mind being compensated): If you want to tag a mob, traps have become the best tool ever.

Friday while waiting for Doctor Razorgrin to spawn, my explosive trap beat out both a pally's consecration and a mage's AoE. They were not so happy, but I was pretty damn impressed.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Random thoughts and observations of a 18-hour day

So, flying carpets are awesome. I was thinking they would be flown cross-legged, like you would see in a Rudyard Kipling short story, but I hope they are all like this. Not that I'll ever have one as a mount...

The fuzzy worm is quite impressive. One of our other hunters tamed him immediately.

The next person that asks where the Leatherworking and Skinning trainers are in Warsong Hold, I'm going to inflict so much pain upon, I'll make you WISH you had never left Azeroth, let alone Outland. Seriously, if you can't find it, it's probably NOT THERE. If it's not there, then it might be SOME WHERE ELSE. If you can't stand the surprise, WoWHead is that way --->. I forget how much expansions bring out the Barren's Chat.

And while we're on the topic: THE QUEST LOG IS YOUR FRIEND. Everything you ever need to complete a quest is right there! What race you need to perform genocide upon, the handy-dandy quest item, and (OMG) even a subtle hint about where to go! *gasp!* Please, read the quest, invoke those basic reasoning skills that apparently so many of you lack when new content is released, and don't ask general chat to solve all your problems. We hate you, and will most likely steer you wrong anyway.

Man, they let anyone just come along and scavenge mobs now? They don't have their own mount, they don't have real armor enchants, but engineers can pick apart broken machines!

Keristrasza: WORST FIGHT FOR HUNTERS EVAR. Seriously, the debuff is the very incarnate of evil. For the Heroic achievement, you can't allow it to stack more than twice, which means that I'll have to be constantly running in order to prevent myself from assuming the natural hunter state of stand -> shoot -> profit. At least I have four instant shots now...

The Scientist in me isn't sure she she likes Crystallized Air dropping from beings made entirely of gaseous water...
BIGGEST DISAPPOINTMENT EVER: The Taunka. I was quite ready to embrace them as a new race with a new model - I even put off seeing them until I had to, so that I could just keep with the spirit of the game and do it how Blizzard wanted me to. (I'm sure I could have hit 450 skinning yesterday instead of 446, but I didn't go out of my way to train Grand Master until I reached the town through the quest lines.) At first sight, I had to look closer to confirm that, yes, there was absolutely no difference between female Taunka and female Tauren. I accepted the male model until I noticed their portrait picture: They are wearing slightly better quality Flimsy Masks. That's it. They don't even have different voices. Blizzard was so lazy that they just slapped on a mask on a male Tauren and called it good. Bastards... They really know how to hurt the love of lore.


Kill Shot is okay, when I remember I have it. I do like how it doesn't highlight until the mob is 20% or under.

Aspect of the Viper - I dislike it. Either I want it's original pure mp5 form back, or I want the damage reduction and mana returned for damage done. This compromise of both is stupid and an extreme hassle. If I didn't have the gear I have, I can see it being a massive pain in the ass. I would forget I have it on until I notice my damage sucking, but five minutes later it would be up again regardless.

Don't forget to trade out your pets each time one hits 71! I was using Tinea until nearly 72, despite the fact that I have three others sitting in the stable - it's easy to forget.

Misadventures of Disengage

With the change to Disengage, the range-happy me put it right next to my melee abilities, namely wing clip, so that I may do such melee abilities in succession.

I just hit 72, and I decided to try to solo a 3-man quest.

It was going well, I had the guy down to 5%... when I pulled aggro off my pet.

I was fumbling for my melee buttons when....

Oh, fuck.....

No, I couldn't get to my body.

Since there is a 40-minute queue on my realm atm, there is no end in sight. Right now, my 14-hour spree has been fairly successful - about 45 minutes were dedicated away from the computer for food, bio, and walking so I could feel my legs again

Expansions are unhealthy...

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Well, that was quick

I play on a Pacific Server, such that Northrend went live at 9 PM.

By 10:45, the Server First: Skinning to 450 was hit.

So much for that!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Of all the Gamestops in Chicago..

..the one I pre-ordered to will not have a midnight release of Wrath. Nor will any Gamestop in a five mile radius.


I suppose I will have to be satisfied with the 10 AM release. Ten hours, that's not TOO late, right?


Saturday, November 8, 2008

Karazhan? What is this madness?!

I honestly cannot recall the last time I ran Kara, which leads me to conclude that it has been at least a year since I stepped foot into Medivh's Tower. I jumped in a multi-guilded raid of friends, mainly because I still needed to complete Nightbane's quest that had been rotting in my quest log for ages. I was feeling more spontaneous than usual, and I figured I needed to get it done before Wrath anyway.

It was a night of excessive Volley usage and forgetting exactly how bosses work. Despite some death due to noobishness, I pulled my share of the weight: 20% of total damage. So I bore a little more than my share :)

There might have been some instances of pretentiousness - after all, I'm certainly not used to hanging around before a pull when everyone is alive! Seriously, could we get some chain pulls here? It spend up well enough towards the end, enough that there might have been a jab or two in my direction regarding if the speed of the clear was fast enough for me.

It was definitely obvious that I haven't run the instance in forever. Those mobs before Curator? WTF is up with those?! The pally tank yelled at me on Shade because I kept Misdirecting him - a fairly pointless action. Admittedly, it's a reflex action at this point in my raiding career, but I suppose I never really acknowledged how deep the habit ran. Hell, I MDed him on NETHERSPITE. Yes, my name is Neg, and I am a noob that knows Kael'thas and Illidan like the back of my hand.

I died within 30 seconds on Prince, mainly because I forgot the range on his shadow nova thing. Ironically, Tinea (who hit 70 during the raid! Yea for Call of the Wild!) resisted it, and I died. Go figure.

Speaking of Prince, I have a story to tell. I may have told this before, but it is a very personal story to me, and it reflects how much people use the game to be complete bastards. When I was a precious little 70 on my original server, I ran Kara every week. I was completely dedicated to getting the best gear possible. I had everything I could get, except for Legacy and Sunfury. I ran well into Gruul's and even into SSC/TK, but I never saw the bow or the axe.

The last Kara raid I went on before my guild crumpled, our GM at the time, who had leveled up a paladin with the intent of making him his main and had ran him through Kara at the same time as I did , had recently changed his mind and reverted back to his hunter. Clearing up to trash, we discussed what would happen if the bow dropped, and we agreed it would be a roll. How could I say otherwise? Our loot system in the 10-mans had always been rolls - what right did I have to say, no, he can't roll on the bow that I had spent so long trying to get? I had no rank, only time invested, and to not agree would be asking to be labeled as a bitch (oh, the wonderful world of sexism in gaming).

The bow dropped, and I lost the roll.

Nobody called him out on it in chat or over Vent, but I got many whispers of condolence from the other raid members, even some from the other officers who said that it was completely unfair, that he should have passed.

I had never been so personally frustrated over WoW in my entire gaming history. I may have even done the overly-feminine thing of crying in my frustration.

Sunfury dropped last night. I needed it (asking the only other bow user - a warrior - if he needed it first), then I hearthed out and vendored it.

Comparatively, I was a weaker player than I am now at the time of the original Sunfury drop. I grew and worked hard to make myself the hunter I am now. The guild I was in fell apart, so a trio of us transfered off server, where we joined the guild we are in now, where we eventually ascended the ranks and established ourselves a home. I would never have imagined at the time of that Kara run that I would eventually be a leader of an end-game guild. Goes to show your own potential is hidden from you.

I'm never running Kara again! Ha!

Thursday, November 6, 2008


With the patch yesterday, I was obligated to put six more points into MM. I can't say I saw a huge difference. The other MM hunter and I jumped around each other, but because we were in Sunwell, we both had some difficulty surviving the fights, so a decent comparison was tough to come by. Overall raid DPS felt low though, but it's also a week until Wrath is released. People don't really care anymore.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Since November 4th as passed, I can post this guilt free.

No endorsements, just a cute little poll. And I must say, the host is pretty sexy ;)

No, I wasn't downtown yesterday for the history making (I hate tourists, and I hate dealing with them on the El even more), but friends that were can confirm that Chicago was the happiest city in the world last night. And that's freaking saying something.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Where to begin...

As the days tick off towards release, people are getting more and more exciting, and even making plans for Wrath. I've already been invited to group going for Glory of the Hero.

But the first thing to consider is what zone to begin in. Do I remain loyal to my Horde comrades, the Forsaken, and venture into the Howling Fjord, to enjoy the thrill of dodging the Alliance? Or do I follow my hunter instincts and pursue the endless sky in the Borean Tundra?

As tempting as the Howling Fjord is, I don't think I can resist the Borean Tundra. I'm eager to meet the Tuskarr, and my Tauren blood is ecstatic about the Taunka.

Now, give me that horizon.

Bugs abound

It seems that 3.0 brought in a tide of annoying pesky bugs along with it's overall fun.

While I can't really complain that my problems are on par with poor Pike's, it was extremely frustrating as we worked on the Eredar Twins tonight.

First, I discovered that I wasn't leaving auto attack when I didn't have a target. I Misdirected the Purple One to the MT, fired Chimera and an Auto, jumped down, shot off an Aimed while falling (otherwise she's out of LoS as she runs up the ramp), then dropped target to assume the raid position. But if I targeted the Red One, I began firing. This freaked me out a bit. I would drop target, only to remain in firing position, my bow at ready. I targeted again, and away the arrows fly. I double checked to make sure that my Auto-Auto Attack wasn't on (it wasn't), but luckily it didn't happen after the first couple attempts, otherwise I would have been screwed for Conflag reactions (and pulling aggro).

The second issue isn't really a bug, just a slightly OP affect of the Un-Clippable Auto Shot. Most hunters have already discovered that if you stand still even for a half second while kiting something, an auto shot will invariably follow the instant shot. Well, when you are MDing a tank, and for some unfortunate reason your first three shots do not crit, but the annoying uncoupled Auto Shot that follows does, you might just have a pissed off Purple Bitch of a demon in your face. The MT asked aloud if the Misdirection even went off.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Wait... what?

Ret was not the only OP class. We made changes to Frost mages and all hunters at the same time. There are still a few classes that may be OP still. They probably know who they are.

I beg to disagree that we were on the same level of OP as Ret Pallies.

We never can have our time in the sun. Everything that is fresh and new is taken away from us. Everything that is ever introduced as class specific is taken away from us. Anything that could even be construed as entertaining is removed before it could even be implemented ([Disengage] no longer requires a target, but does require you to be in combat. Now if someone closes to melee, you can leap back without having to select them first. We require you to be in combat though so we don't see a lot of hunters bouncing around IF / Org or using it like Blink to goofily speed up travel.).

I just want my game, ya know?