The Highmountain Clan


The eldest of three sisters born to Jonli Highmountain the shaman and Racleum Stonehoof the warrior, Negathle was born in the Barrens eight years before Thrall landed in Kalimdor. From infancy she knew life was not easy, and had already seen enough hardship to enforce this, motivating her to begin the hunter rites at an early age. Disliking the Bloodhoof clan's decision to join with the bloodthirsty orcs and the voodoo-inclined trolls, her parents disavowed their clan status and remained nomadic despite the collective tauren interest in founding a permanent city. The family wandered down to Feralas, where Neg finished her training. During her 16th year, her parents were slaughtered by a wandering band of Gordunni ogres in western Feralas. Aware that she could not take care of her two younger sisters, she traveled to Thunder Bluff to leave them with her paternal grandmother, their only surviving relation. Neg, old enough to retain her families nomadic spirit, remained ungrounded, seeking only to assist in maintaining the balance of the Earth Mother, a tauren value she holds above all.

Intelligent and stubborn, Neg's ways come from experience instead of study. She prefers to act instead of debate and observe instead of interact. A proud tauren, she dislikes strangers, particularly Undead and Blood Elves, the former she sees as being abominations to the will of the Earth Mother, the latter she detests for their greed of Her resources; most of the Alliance races she despises for the same reason, though she is willing to give the Night Elves benefit of the doubt. She wanders now as a mercenary, taking what jobs come by her way, though she is frequently in demand by loreseekers, and has been conscripted more than once by the Horde's army to battle greater enemies.

Neg Stories
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Ranrele, the middle child of the three sisters, was also born in the Barrens, but was only an infant when Cairne joined the tauren clans with the Horde. She was well underway in her druidic rites when their parents were killed, but was not yet old enough to join her elder sister in independence. Instead she aided her grandmother in raising her younger sister in Thunder Bluff, while devoting all her available time towards study. She loves books, and frequently wanders over to the Undercity in order to take advantage of their libraries.

While a bit antisocial, she is far from racist, willing to interact with any being in pursuit of further knowledge. Ranrele is very comfortable in any situation and has an almost painfully cheerful disposition. She would like to see her sisters be a family again, but acknowledges the unlikeliness of such an occurrence.


Zinaida, born in Feralas as Tadrole, never recognized the tauren pride that existed for her parents and eldest sister. Instead, she was raised under the most ardent of enthusiasm for the Horde, and grew up eager to join their forces. Like her mother, she choose the way of the warrior, and, despite her youth and inexperience, signed up for the first available mission outside of Kalimdor. Assigned to the Eastern Plaguelands, her convoy was attacked by the Scourge, leaving no survivors.

Tadrole's next awareness was of intense hatred throughout her being as her soul was ripped from the embrace of the Earth Mother and raised again as a death knight. She was renamed as an agent of the Lich King, and her hatred for life was allowed to flow freely as she aided in the decimation of New Avalon. With the release of her will from the Lich King's grasp, her hate dimmed as she realized what she became. Though she returned home to Thunder Bluff, her grandmother shows nothing but shame for her and Neg ignores her completely, disgusted by her youngest sister's new existance. Only Ranrele treats her with any kindness, but Zina recognizes it to be only in sympathy. Realizing she is unwanted, she stays with her Horde regiment, content that her skills as a death knight are welcomed by the army.

Zinaida Stories
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The matriarch of the clan, Chasle Highmountain lives with the other shaman elders in Thunder Bluff. Old enough to see her only son die and the rest of her clansmen scattered to the winds, she mourns the passage of time to show her such strange, changing ways of her people. While she is proud of her grandchildren, she wonders if their clan will survive into the next generation.