Friday, October 31, 2008


Wednesday night, the guild cleared SW up to Felmyst, finally downing her in about six attempts. This left the Eredar Twins to our disposal. I was a big fan of the Twin Emps in AQ40, but it turns out this fight is nothing like them.

I read the strat (I swear I did), but instead of paying attention to the names of the twins, I only looked at their colors. I saw the Purple One up top and the Red One down at the bottom being DPSed upon, so I automatically assumed that it was the Red One that would be tanked by the melee tanks, and the Purple One tanked at range by the warlock. That's not the case, and when I was called out on for MDing the Red One to the MT (who also happens to be my fiance), I intially denied it. Then I noticed their names... I was asked if we had gotten into a fight or something, and if I was still angry at him. No, I'm just prodominantly a visual learner, and a noob to boot.

Turns out, even with the OP Buff, you still need a TON of healing to pull off this fight. We ended up calling it early so people could watch the strat and come back on Sunday to try again. I hate and love this fight already :)

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

By the Earth Mother, I LOVE being Marksman!

Tonight was one of those nights where everything is just great. A one shot on every boss and I polish off my loot-desires from Black Temple.

Good-bye Vengeance Wrap! I've had you for over a year and a half. I remember my boyfriend getting it as a random world drop, and giving it to our guild tailor. I was so excited to see those stats, I raised the gold, bought the mats, and ran with him to get my Primal Nether back when they were still BoP. I was so pleased with the bright crimson draping behind me, a color I would later come to loathe. Now I have Shadowmoon Destroyer's Drape, and I can't get used to staring at the purple pattern. It's like a whole new me.

I don't remember if Vengeance Wrap or Bloodlust Brooch was my first level 70 epic. Regardless, I retired the trinket tonight, too, for Madness of the Betrayer. It was my first badge buy, and I ran those heroics as much as I could to get it. Both the cloak and the trinket will be banked out of nostalgia. When I'm 80, I might toss them for more bank space, but for now, they will be folded up and stored away lovingly.

Now time for the DPS stats of this great run. My highest was on Teron.

I averaged about 2k, which I find odd, considering I averaged higher the last full run I was in. I blew everyone away on Council though:

See #3? That was a BM hunter in a weird spec, though he still had the core talents. I was hoping to get a better comparison, but I take what get.

What I though was really cool was my highest Chimera Shot of the night:

8k. An 8k Chimera crit. I LOVE THIS SPEC. (That is my overall damage done, including trash, hence Volley is so high.)

Forgetting that the game is so nerfed of it's previous levels, it was a good night playing how I love to play.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Convince me to keep Piercing Shots

Cause right now, I like this build. I know the high armor on the bosses in Wrath demand some mitigation, but what will be the best response to that?

Aimed Shot is either going to be buffed through Piercing Shots or Barrage/Imp. Barrage, if I want to keep the seven points in BM. The six points that go into Barrage/Imp. Barrage are tough to generate, since points are already spread thin. I considered taking out Focused Aim (and I might yet), but the total lack of hit gear for hunters right now is suggesting that I shouldn't.

I want to keep the seven points in BM because I like having my pet be useful without it doing anything. Plus, it provides me stimulus to have my pet out at all - as a SV hunter, I didn't care one way or another. The talent trees give them greater opportunity for keeping them out and active, otherwise, why should I even take Go for the Throat? I love my pet, and I want the most incentive to keep them out and active as I can.

I will miss Hawk Eye greatly. Not only because spreading out is vital, but I love sniping Alliance. I see you hiding up there, Little Red Dot, waiting for the Horde to rumble past out of the Stonehearth Graveyard - you're going to die! Oh well, you're going to die later instead of sooner since I have to run six more yards.

Monday, October 27, 2008

The MM Misdirection

One would think that with the new talents, threat would never again be an issue for the tanks. For the most part, this is true. However, for some bosses, if the tank can't put on some Expertise, DPS are surpassing them in the blink of an eye. That's where the new Misdirection comes in.

The new 30-second CD is nice for this reason, particularly since I can get two MDs back to back without the use of Readiness if MD is cast early, then the shots fired at the tail-end of the 30-second period.

But what shots to use? I experimented on this for a bit. An autoshot is a given - one will invariably sneak in there as the GCD clears. Initially I tried Aimed-Auto-Chimera. This got maybe 7k threat if I was lucky. Then I tried Serpent Sting-Auto-Chimera. This had better results, typically about 10k. However, the timing is tricky. If you are forced to move, another auto can sneak in there and just ruin the MD completely. The same goes for mid-fight Misdirections. The warlocks are creeping up on the tank, your MD cools down in 5 seconds, your Chimera Shot isn't up for another 7, and your Serpent Sting is about to fall off - what do you do? Right now, since there is no such thing as hunter raiding mana issues, I just put up another Serpent Sting, MD, then Chimera that bitch up. But let's pretend that mana issues do exist - I would tell those 'lock bastards to watch their threat, then wait another 13 seconds for my Chimera to come up to MD.

Of course, if you are running more than just one hunter, this isn't a problem.

I want to see Kil'Jaeden

I was keyed for Serpentshrine Cavern. I had killed Lady Vashj and Kael'thas before 2.4, and earned my title Hand of A'dal. I was keyed for Mount Hyjal, then I was keyed for Black Temple. I killed Illidan before 3.0.

Now, none of that matters.

I'm becoming more and more frustrated with Blizzard as they constantly de-emphasize skill. Scrubs, who had the quest because the stimulus of the bright yellow exclamation point above A'dal demanded a response of accepting the quest to rot in their log, go into TK and SSC and get their title, without any knowledge that a year ago, people had worked for weeks perfecting their Kael'thas strategy. While I am not opposed to anyone seeing and experiencing every encounter they can in this game, their potential to reap the same benefits is really not respectful to the thousands of dedicated raiders who strive to be their best. It's like getting a Netherdrake when you are Neutral with the Netherwing: Congratulations! You did nothing!

I said that I feel guilty as we push into Sunwell after 3.0, as the new talents cut encounter time down to a fraction of its pre-3.0 state. But now, as we work on Felmyst, I realize, even though we are completely over-powered for the encounter, if your raid cannot work as a team, then you have no business being in this instance. And that gives me some satisfaction. The difficulties of the encounters overrule our talent trees - you have to know how to raid in order to succeed.

I want to see Kil'Jaeden, not because he drops a legendary for me, not because he provides an achievement, but because Blizzard has said there will never be an instance as difficult as Sunwell. I want the challenge. I want to know that no matter what Blizzard does to this game, what they do to my class, what they do to my raids, I beat their toughest strategies. No, it wasn't on Heroic difficulty, but my guild got our minds around their challenges, and we won. That's what I want.


Sweet Earth Mother, Kil'Jaeden is a hunter's loot bag:
Thori'dal, the Stars' Fury
Coif of Alleria
Thalassian Ranger Gauntlets
Cloak of Unforgivable Sin
Apolyon, the Soul-Render
Crux of the Apocalypse

Sigh.. I shouldn't get my hopes up like this! lol

Felmyst, The Fickle Dragon

Worked extensively on Felmyst tonight. Got her to about 40%, but not without a lot of hardship.

The main part is people listening . They get so caught up in whatever they are doing (watching the damage meter) that they don't watch or register to get out of the way of something, or to run in a certain direction.

The second part, though, is all on me. I offered to call out her positioning, mainly because I am the only hunter in raid, and I have nifty-difty Track Undead. At first, it was assumed that it depended on what side, left or right, she was on that determined which zone she dusted, but that was soon debunked. She goes to the middle, switching back and forth while just hovering there, like she can't decided which area to dust, then about a second and a half before the dusting actually occurs, she either stays in her position, or she moves. It's a complete pain to determine, and half the time I'm just screaming in vent "Move! Move! Move! No, stay! Stay! Stay!"

For the first couple of times that we successfully got to the point of dealing with mulitple dusts, I was dead, so it was easy enough to move my camera and call out the last second position changes. And, like a constantly multitasking noob, I forgot that I should have been looking at my mini-map as well to see how her position changes coorespond to the movement of that little red dot, such that when I was alive during Phase Two, I would still have to swirl my camera around. Ended up solving that by putting someone on auto follow and just ignoring the AoEing.

We should get her tomorrow.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

A full day of play makes the stress go away!

Well, sorta. After staying up all night writing a paper due today, I decided to hell with everything I need to get done this weekend, I'm playing some fucking WoW tonight!

So I did.

While the new Viper doesn't bother me so much in raid, it is extremely annoying to farm with and even run 5-mans with. I often forget it's on, so my damage is low without me realizing it.

Leveling pets is a joke. Tinea nearly hit 68 today. While I suppose this is a good thing, I did have a bit of affection for the grind. You get to know your pet, understand its behaviors and movements as you level it. Otherwise, it's like getting a teenager for a child instead of an infant: What is this creature I must suddenly figure out?!

Please, GMs, be merciful. I grinded my way to from Hated to Exalted with the Scryer after leveling Exalted with the Aldor. I have both tabards; I have all of the patterns that both fractions sell. Please, please, please, give me my title so that I might be proud of my hard work instead of just satisfying my Leatherworking OCD. Or, if you will not, give me all the DampscaleBasilisk Eyes, Dreadfang Venom Sacs, and then Marks/Signets and Armaments/Tomes to do it all over again both ways.

Also, if you have killed Kael before 2.4, I should never have to tell you what an off-classes' role is. I will eat your liver.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Summer is definitely over

I wish I had as much time as I did to play, what with achievements looking so tempting and Hallow's End fun going around, not to mention leveling Tinea, but now I need to get the mats for new gloves.

I got Gronnstalker Bracers tonight to replace Bracers of the Pathfinder, which meant I had to do some gem juggling. I had forgotten that the sockets in the shoulders were blue and yellow, so in went a Shifting Shadowsong and a Brilliant Lionseye. I'm also considering placing two of +Int gems in those gloves, since my crit is already sitting pretty at 42% anyway. Gronnstalker Helm got thrown in the bank where it belongs, and Forest Prowler Helm got dusted off again.

Sigh, just not enough time...

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I Has New Computer!

I ordered my Shiny on Saturday, it arrived today. I installed everything while doing work (sorta), then took a break to check out WoW.

They should have sent a poet....

I have never, in my entirety of gaming, experienced such beauty. I was getting 60 fps in Shatt. SHATT! I saw my character move in ways she's never moved before, my pet fly in the most graceful of manners, Alliance die in over-melodramatic ways... That said, don't test out a new keyboard by going into a battleground. Really, it doesn't work. I kept hitting all the wrong keys (though an accidental Disengage was to my benefit), and overall it was simply a mess. And it didn't leave room for me to appreciate the fluid motions of Neg shooting and Aeris attacking. Once this week is over, and I can devote some real time to playing, I will farm it up and get used to it again. Sadly, I am distracted by school (/shake fist) to dedicate myself as of now.

It was just... so... magical....

Note: If you consider 60 fps low, I offer you a polite Fuck You. I've been raiding for the last three years with an all time high of 15 fps under good conditions, and as low as 2 fps on Illidan. Playing with 60 fps is just short Nirvana.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Big Ugly dies

It took a bit for the healers to get used to the spike damage on two tanks, but Brutallus went down after a couple of hours. Nothing really notable for loot.

Felmyst next week, and damn does her voice acting scare me! /cower!

No raid for me tomorrow. I have massive amounts of homework piling up that must be attended to. Hopefully, after this week, everything should be shiny again.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Well, this disgusts me

A guildee posted this site that tracks the most popular specs of every class. Here's raiding hunters.

I really hope that the bulk of these players are Burning Crusade Babies, because, honestly, I just can't imagine a player who has been raiding since Old World not changing it up from the "flavor of the expansion" high-damage spec. Remember those days, when BM was a total joke?

What worries me more is the MM specs themselves. No Aimed Shot? No Silencing Shot? (Abet, I've used it maybe twice since 3.0, but I blame that on forgetting I even have it.) Wild Quiver? Taking Imp. Hunter's Mark over finishing out Imp. Tracking? SRSLY??


Those weeks of practice paid off

We one-shotted Kalecgos tonight. It was quite anti-climatic. What really pissed me off though was the fact that I was stuck back at the demon's corpse debating and distributing loot while the other 24 raiders were watching the awesome cut scene between Brutallus and Madgriosa. At least I got to hear it - her voice acting is rather pleasant.

Two fury warriors and our tanking druid got bracers. We were running two healers short, so while we had about an hour on Brutallus, we could only survive to about 40% or so. Tomorrow then.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Back in the saddle

We (nearly) cleared BT in three hours. We actually burned down Illidan too quickly, such that when Phase 5 hit, our warlock tank had max aggro still, and boom, no number of MDs could save the casters, and it was a wipe. No matter, he'll die in 30 minutes on Sunday, leaving the rest of the evening to push through (abeit guiltly) Sunwell.

3,000 DPS on RoS, the highest I hit overall. I averaged around 2,500
5,500 Chimera Shot crit
1 minute 2 seconds - time it took to down Shade of Aran
0 - number of times I used Aspect of the Viper

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Very soon, my precious, you shall be mine.

Obviously Blizzard never wants me to do homework again...

It's just easier to make this a list:
  • 70 Spec is finalized. Testing out Rapid Recuperation: I found that the AotV -> Rapid Fire filled up my mana pool within the 15 seconds regardless of that single point. Not worth it for me. That second point will go to finishing Combat Experience.
  • I only have one glyph so far: Glyph of Mend Pet. Haven't seen anything come up for free yet, though the Inscriptionists are filling up the gbank with leveling glyphs quickly enough... I'll wait for everyone to level it up before I start actively making my other glyphs.
  • I <3 target dummies!
  • Achievements are too fun... Sadly, I only have six Feats of Strength. Evidently having Aldor Tabard when exalted with the Scryers isn't good enough >.<
  • I have so much more bank space since Scrolls of Agility now stack to 20, tokens/badges are now recorded in the Currency tab, and all my pets and mounts are learned.
  • I really want the Albino Drake, but the quest to get it totally screws over Tauren :(.
  • Tinea is tamed! Yea! She's 65 right now, but eager to level :D.
  • We begin raiding again Thursday. Mods are screwed over majorly - I miss zhunter mod extensively. I hope that Sorren updates Easy Shot Rotations to include stings and the new shots - I would like to keep it at 4 or 5 bars and just be able to choose what shots/stings the mod shows. CT mod had to go - it was screwing over chat. At least Omen and Recount work :S.
  • LEAVE TRADE CHANNEL NOW. I don't remember it being this bad for 2.0, but I might have blocked out those memories. If I see another person ask for a summons to Northrend, or even if hunters have stealth, I might have to gank a bitch...
It was a fun evening chatting with Rilgon and Maevet as well. My server goes down, I pop over to Steamwheedle Cartel - their server goes down, over they come to Kilrogg! It was very refreshing to have some intelligent hunter conversation for once :D.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

It's been a long day

Not only did I have a 7:30 AM appointment, but my day lasted until 5:30 PM, so I just got back. I'm tired, I'm hormonal, my belly aches, I have a TON of work to do for classes and work, and now Blizzard Updater is taking it's sweet and precious time to install.

Don't ruin it for me.

I <3:

A good night for the last day of 2.0.

/takes a deep breath

As they say in Kingdom Hearts, Whatever lies beyond this morning / Is a little later on /
Regardless of warnings the future doesn't scare me at all.

Here we go!

I love the sweet taste of vengence

I have posted before my compete detest for one (former) officer of my guild. He left awhile ago for Warhammer, but because we are keeping the same Vent server for both WoW and those who left for Warhammer, the guild is staying "intact" and I still have to be wary of his presence on Vent.

Kilrogg is a Pacfic server, so once in a while the guildees on the west coast get together. Evendently the Annoyance went to the guild barbaque. One of the old guildees was teaching him how to do a push-up, and this is the result. (I wish I could embed YouTube videos, but alas, I cannot.)

That is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Patch hits tomorrow

I'm scared.

Everything I knew and loved about my class is going to change (again). I'll have to adapt to new tactics and new shot rotations (again). I have to change the way I think about mana regen (again).

Oh, Aspect of the Viper! I will miss your passive mana regen! Oh, Scatter Shot! I will miss breaking shackle CC and pissing off warriors! Oh, auto shot! I will miss actually having to use skill to weave my specials around you!

Hold me.

I updated my 70 spec. Rapid Recuperation will win me over only once I have tested it for myself.

Saturday, October 11, 2008


I'm a firm believer that a guild officer should know about most aspects of the game, including every class, in order to connect well with her guildees. That said, I am also a hypocrite.

I set up groups for raids well enough. I know which healing classes are stacking mp5 and which need a shadowpriest, which casters get the elemental shaman and which get the BM hunter, and so on, but the details about each class? Eh, there are plenty of other officers that have a ton of alts to take care of that.

I never rolled another character pre-BC. I've always been very satisfied with my Hunter - I knew what I was doing, I could do it quickly, and the results were good. The Burning Crusade was released, and I relived the joy of leveling again. But that idea of a new race and a new class was just too tempting, so I joined the bandwagon and rolled a Blood Elf Paladin, Bubbleoeight.

The original intent was to level along side with my fiance when he rolled a BE Rogue, but that fell through, so I leveled her just out of interest for the Palidan class. I managed to get her to level 41 when I decided that melee really wasn't my style, and what I really wanted to experience was a Tauren Mage.

Well, Tauren Mages don't exsist, so I settled for the next best: Tauren Boomkin!

If I had to assign back stories to my characters, Ranrele would be the little sister of Negathle (when I rolled her, and asked for the ginvite, my friend said "Can you ever have an easy-to-pronounce name??). Whereas Negathle is the lone, adventuring type, Ranrele is a bright, bubbly member of the family. She's currently 38, but I enjoy leveling her enough that she'll eventually make it to 80.

I'll never switch mains, Neg is simply too close to my heart to ever make her second fiddle, but I enjoy the Druid class and lore enough to make Ranrele an acceptable alt. Come Wrath, I am 90% positive that I will never roll a Death Knight. That 10% uncertainty accounts for the mild interest I have in the starting zone and the Rune System, though I have about as much interest in their energy system as I do a rogues (WTF is a Combo Point, anyway??).

Friday, October 10, 2008

Glyph choices

It appears that WotLKWiki has finally decided to update their Inscription page to list the major/minor status of the glyphs.


Every raiding hunter WILL have that glyph, I guarantee it.

I think these will be my choices:

Minor: Glyph of Feign Death and Glyph of Mend Pet are the two certain ones. Nothing else is really appealing, but if I had to have a third from the list I currently see, I suppose it would be Glyph of Revive Pet.

Major: Glyph of Steady Shot, Glyph of Trueshot Aura, and Glyph of Aspect of the Viper. Glyph of Aimed Shot is sorely tempting as well, though.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

We're casters, right? Then why aren't we here?

I found this little theoretical tidbit though my guild's Mages.

No idea why they have Enhancement Shaman in there though... If they are just considering all mana users, then why not Ret Paladins as well?

What really bugs me about this is how high the so-called hybrid damage classes are. I dunno, it just irks me that classes that have the ability to have multiple raid functions could cause a pure damage class to become obsolete. I know it's an archaic concern, that hunters will never cease to be on the raiding scene, but, theoretically, what do we bring that no other class brings? Misdirect is taken by Rogues (no, they won't pull, but it is still *possible*), Enhancement Shaman and Blood Death Knights provide an AP multiplier like Trueshot, Ret Paladins provide a percent damage increase like Ferocious Inspiration, and, of course, Hunting Party is just another Vampiric Touch.

/sulks away in depression

Mind you, I've been shying away form forums for the past four months or so, mainly because of my tendency to become too impassioned about certain topics that are generally not worth it, so how hunters are doing in Beta DPS-wise is currently unknown to me. I've just become a pessimist with all the nerfs to our core damage talents...

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


The weekends my fiance come up to visit are very precious to us. We only see each other once a quarter, so any time we can find to spend together outside of WoW is beyond valuable.

That said, he booked tickets for November 14-17.


RL > WoW
RL > WoW
RL > WoW
RL > WoW
RL > WoW
RL > WoW
RL > WoW

It's so bad that I'm even THINKING about installing Wrath on my old Dell for him to play on...


Boneweave Girdle finally dropped!!! Good-bye Don Alejandro's Money Belt!

While it lowers my agility by 6 total (due to having to replace a Delicate Crimson Spinel with a Glinting Pyrestone in my chest to keep the meta gem bonus) it gives me the hit flexibility I need to replace other gear, namely Halberd of Desolation. Now I can happily take Shivering Felspine!

It's a tough call from here on out what is an upgrade for me. This belt is not necessarily an upgrade, but because I need more hit gear, it is worth taking. The same goes for Shadowmoon Destroyer's Drape verses my Vengeance Wrap that I have had forever. I will loose 10 agility, but gain more hit to play around with and some AP.

Next up? Well, consdering T6 pants are going on offspec now, I might just grab the odious Gronnstalker's Leggings (so icky, and I loose 15 agil overall, due to regems and whatnot) and make the leather gloves from Sunwell. Not sure about that though... I also need another one-hand weapon...

Oh planning to do...

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

New loot drops

Stormrage Signet Ring dropped last night from Illidan.

The rogues encouraged each other to take it. It was so cute.

As I announced it for bid, most of the physical DPS (including yours truly) said a silent "No, thank you." With nobody claiming a bid, the raid leader gave an exasperated "Oh, god-damn, we are sharding Illidan loot already?" and the rogues decided to bid.

Heh, you'd have to bribe me to take that thing...

Monday, October 6, 2008

Neg disapproves!

Curse and WoWAce have merged. I can't find an announcement for it though. I suppose there are enough people who dislike either site that they kept it quiet.

It's not that I dislike Curse gaming - I dislike their poorly maintained site. WoWAce has always been great about keeping mods updated, and their updater was clear and concise.

I suppose this will improve Curse's quality by a considerable amount...

Diaries of a Mad Marksman Hunter

I couldn't resist the play on titles :D

In longstanding courtesy, I'm happy to add Diaries of a Marksman Hunter to my bloglist.


Though we did clear up to Illidan tonight, it was a tough push to get it done. Our DPS was great, but we were short a healer for nearly half the run - we nearly called it if it wasn't for some desperate calls to some individuals.

People are getting burned out. Supposedly the patch hits Tuesday. It'll be fun to go back to MM (oh happy day), and while I'm hopeful that the patch will bring the raiders back, the other officers aren't so optimistic. There have been four other guilds just calling it until the expansion. They downed Illidan, so that was good. I can't lie, that was my one goal for the Burning Crusade, and I'm very happy I got to see the guy down. But some tiny part of me wants more.

I really had no delusions of clearing our way through Sunwell. I was hoping to get Kalecgos down (and we still might), but if we don't, you know, I'd still be okay with it. As a guild, we survived the Summer Burnout, and then complete management overhaul. And we didn't fade away - we downed Illidan. I'm very proud of my guild for doing it.

Our plans for Wrath are still a little up in the air. Historically, we are a casual top-end raiding guild. We had tons of raiders that were only expected to show up 75% of the time. Several of the other end-game guilds are beginning to split off into raiding guilds for Wrath, but I don't really like that idea. To me, my guild is my home: I want my friends there, either on their raiding mains or on their alts, not split off in an "alt guild". So I'm hoping that we will just stay together, with just a little more emphasis on keeping raiders hardcore and members softcore. And maybe, just maybe, I can be among the few the people that get to down Arthas :D

Sunday, October 5, 2008

So, I'm an idiot

Don't you love those moments where you are so bloody sure of something, double check it over and over again to make sure you are correct, can't figure out why people are looking at you funny when you passionately lay your claim, then all of a sudden out of the blue, it makes perfect sense why, in fact, you were totally thinking about it incorrectly?

For some unknown reason, I had convinced myself that because Multi-Shot, Aimed Shot, and Chimera Shot all had a 10 second cool down, that they shared the same CD timer, like traps. And I was ardent about this, until about five minutes ago, when I was lying in bed, mulling over random things, when all of a sudden, it clicks: Neg, you're an idiot.

So I boot up the comp, and find Rilgon beat me to my own epiphany. Man, honestly, I wish this kind of thing would happen to me more often. It would have made BioChem so much easier!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Rilgon, I need you! post in this thread.

Not one mention of Chimera Shot sharing the same CD as Multishot or Aimed. Only one poster admitted to playing pure MM, as opposed to most looking at the tree from a BM/MM or SV/MM view. In fact, judging how they describe Multi's "lack of raid utility" they haven't played MM at all...

Friday, October 3, 2008

Er, wha?

Marked for Death - Increases your damage done by your shots and the damage done by your pet's special abilities by 1/2/3% on marked targets. Down from 2/4/6%.

Three points? A further nerf to it? I'm SO lost. Well, I suppose if this is true, there are the two points I need to round out the SV tree! >.<

I wonder if these will be popular

Certificate of Ownership

I suppose it'll give hunters the option to give Fluffy some originality...

WotLK Leatherworking: Expectations

Blizzard announced a long time ago that they are spicing up professions a bit, with things like profession Dailies, more BoP enchants, and more passive enhancements. As a completionist, I'm so-so about the new pattern system:

"...we’re going to be easing off the [professions recipe] world drops, I’m not sure about getting rid of them entirely but moving on to other systems. One of the system we’re considering as well is – so you have profession dailies for all of your professions, and what those end up being I’m not sure, but then when you do that daily you get a token. Then on this vendor there’s maybe 20 recipes, and they cost maybe 25 tokens each. So you’ll start making decisions on how you want to spend those tokens and that will help differentiate you from everyone else just by your decisions rather than what you happened to have found or bought off the Auction House."

What differentiates me from everyone else is that I have all* the patterns for Leatherworking. It took a lot of time, research, and effort (not to mention gold....), and I feel like this system nullifies that.

What I like, however, is the upping of rare pattern drop rate in instances. I'm not talking about annoying BoE patterns that flood the auction house (looking right at you, Pattern: Swiftsteel Shoulders), but pain-in-the-ass to farm BoP patterns like Pattern: Shadow Armor Kit. There are four of these mobs in Setthek Halls! Four! Even worse is Pattern: Flame Armor Kit: Only two mobs exist in Arcatraz to drop it. I'll be happy if those type of pattern droprates are upped.

As for Leatherworking itself, of course the biggest issue I have is with the change to drums:

"Tinnitus: Leatherworking drums now give a two minute debuff that does not allow the party members to receive any further drum buffs."

Sure, they affect all nearby raid members, but why does one person with the drums get to determine what the rest of the raid gets? They did add spell power to attack power drums, so the casters won't cry foul. I like that, but not everyone wants power - some want haste, others want hit. And what with a two-minute downtime, just going "Hey, I'll switch it up next time" is just silly - you alternate Drums of Battle with Drums of Restoration only when in dire need... Indeed, this debuff belittles the use of all but "the best" drums - why bring three different types of drums when only one is going to be used?

My opinion: Change it so you can't have the same drum played back to back. I admit, the current drum rotation is OP. If you have four Leatherworkers in a group, that's a permanent 80 haste. So make it so it's not an essentially permanent haste buff: pop haste, then AP, then hit, then health/mana. This makes everyone happy, encourages a variety of different drums to be used, and doesn't make additional Leatherworkers feel unwanted.

I haven't seen any item patterns that I am really excited about, except for Fur-Lining, of course. The more of my gear I can enchant myself, the happier I am, though I know this doesn't help the Enchanting economy, they get Scrolls of Enchantment, so they can't be too bitter. Still not official word on better BoP leg armor kits for Leatherworkers, as opposed to the usual BoE leg armor to make for others. I really like this, since it provides variety among players stats, just as I support BoP scopes for Engineers.

Speaking of Engineers, I'm still disappointed that nothing exciting and BoE has been given to them yet. Blacksmiths get sockets, Jewelcrafters get the chance to "proc" perfect gems, Engineers get to make cool mounts for other people, while their only self-buff is... fun item enhancers? Even Tailors get their own mounts! Kinda lame, in my opinion...

* 97% of all Leatherworking patterns - close enough that I can call "all"

Maybe Rapid Recuperation isn't as stupid as we think it is?

Found this while trolling the Blue Tracker:

Priest gains 11780 mana from Hunters' Rapid Recuperation.

Can't be right, it will be fixed, but I like to think something good came out of that talent...

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Bear with me...

Classes just started, so I'm a running a bit empty on blogging effort. It also doesn't help that my family back home (far far away from me currently, as it should be) has decided to go insane and all move in together, so what I was hoping will be a nice relaxing holiday this December has suddenly become a nightmare straight from the pits of Chaos. Thankfully, one of my classes this quarter is a total joke (I'm taking it to feel better about myself, in essence), so I'll think up some happy hunter/Warcraft topics soon enough.

If I don't go insane first.