Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Boneweave Girdle finally dropped!!! Good-bye Don Alejandro's Money Belt!

While it lowers my agility by 6 total (due to having to replace a Delicate Crimson Spinel with a Glinting Pyrestone in my chest to keep the meta gem bonus) it gives me the hit flexibility I need to replace other gear, namely Halberd of Desolation. Now I can happily take Shivering Felspine!

It's a tough call from here on out what is an upgrade for me. This belt is not necessarily an upgrade, but because I need more hit gear, it is worth taking. The same goes for Shadowmoon Destroyer's Drape verses my Vengeance Wrap that I have had forever. I will loose 10 agility, but gain more hit to play around with and some AP.

Next up? Well, consdering T6 pants are going on offspec now, I might just grab the odious Gronnstalker's Leggings (so icky, and I loose 15 agil overall, due to regems and whatnot) and make the leather gloves from Sunwell. Not sure about that though... I also need another one-hand weapon...

Oh planning to do...

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