Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I Has New Computer!

I ordered my Shiny on Saturday, it arrived today. I installed everything while doing work (sorta), then took a break to check out WoW.

They should have sent a poet....

I have never, in my entirety of gaming, experienced such beauty. I was getting 60 fps in Shatt. SHATT! I saw my character move in ways she's never moved before, my pet fly in the most graceful of manners, Alliance die in over-melodramatic ways... That said, don't test out a new keyboard by going into a battleground. Really, it doesn't work. I kept hitting all the wrong keys (though an accidental Disengage was to my benefit), and overall it was simply a mess. And it didn't leave room for me to appreciate the fluid motions of Neg shooting and Aeris attacking. Once this week is over, and I can devote some real time to playing, I will farm it up and get used to it again. Sadly, I am distracted by school (/shake fist) to dedicate myself as of now.

It was just... so... magical....

Note: If you consider 60 fps low, I offer you a polite Fuck You. I've been raiding for the last three years with an all time high of 15 fps under good conditions, and as low as 2 fps on Illidan. Playing with 60 fps is just short Nirvana.


Rilgon Arcsinh said...

WoW won't run higher than 60 FPS, if I remember correctly.

But laptop = /yawn

You gain an infinitely larger amount of appreciation for your computer when you build it with your own two hands.

in a cave

with a box of scraps


Neggles said...

I don't have that sort of patience :)

Well, not where computers are concerned, at least.

Nassira said...

Grats! New toys are better than sex.