Monday, October 13, 2008

Patch hits tomorrow

I'm scared.

Everything I knew and loved about my class is going to change (again). I'll have to adapt to new tactics and new shot rotations (again). I have to change the way I think about mana regen (again).

Oh, Aspect of the Viper! I will miss your passive mana regen! Oh, Scatter Shot! I will miss breaking shackle CC and pissing off warriors! Oh, auto shot! I will miss actually having to use skill to weave my specials around you!

Hold me.

I updated my 70 spec. Rapid Recuperation will win me over only once I have tested it for myself.


Pike said...

/holds =D?

Really though, I'm pretty nervous myself. I knew I was a good hunter pre-3.0, but what about post-3.0? Am I going to become one of those dreaded huntards, at least for a little? /shudder

At the same time, I think I'm ready for it. I'm just... trying to decide what I want to do tonight as my way of saying farewell to the world that was Hunter 2.0. Wiggle my way into some heroic at least, and time my specials between my autos one last time before it quits mattering. Ahh... such a lovely feeling. I will miss it. =(

Neggles said...

Tonight will be working on Kalec, so as much as I want to raid 2.0 MM, it'll be 2.0 SV, which I suppose will be tribute enough. Tonight will be the last night of Expose Weakness in its true form!

I can barely remember Hunters 1.0 - how long will it take before I forget Hunters 2.0? Probably all too soon...

Nassira said...


Let's all hold hands and sing Khumbaya, cuz I'm scared too.