Tuesday, September 9, 2008


It's another slow week. We downed Archimonde on our last attempt last night, successfully clearing both Black Temple and Hyjal. It was rather embarrassing though - we've had Archimonde on farm for well over four months now, and it took us four hours to down him. It's an unforgiving fight, and it definitely separates the raiders from the noobs.

So I figure this is time to list the mods I use as filler :).

The mods the guild requires for raiding are Omen and Deadly Bossmods. Recount is optional, but I highly recommend it as a streamlined meter.

As is evident by my screenshots, I do not use a custom interface. Why? Well, mainly because I hate having to fix it with every patch. That in itself is not worth the time and energy it takes just to have a more streamlined UI. I know it's bad, I know it's ugly, but I'm used to it, just like I'm used to raiding on my ever-increasingly crappy Dell laptop (2 FPS on Illidan - I want to shoot myself). Thankfully, come next month, the laptop will be upgraded. I have yet to find a UI that I have any desire to install.

As a hunter, I use zHunter mod, which in all honesty, is one of the most complete mods I could ever ask for. Of this mod, I use the Aspect Bar, the Pet Bar, Trap Bar, Auto Strip, Auto Daze, and Misdirect. The Aspect Bar I keep collapsed underneath the party icons. Pet and Trap bar I have expanded into 3x3 or 2x3 bars and keep them on either side of my main action bar. Auto Strip is up by my portrait. I keep a focus macro for Misdirect, such that when ever I cast it on my focus target, the mod will yell (or any other form of announcement) who I MDed. I also use Kharthus's Hunter Timers, a little mod I picked up while working on my demons to time my Wing Clip, and just became adapted to every day use.

For my shot rotations, among other debuff warnings, I use Power Auras. Here is my set up.

For professions, I use Ackis Recipie List. It's a great little mod that tells you what recipes you are missing and what percentage of all recipes for that profession you have. I'm only missing 11 Leatherworking patterns! Woot!

As a guild leader, I also use a home-made mod used by our guild, the top Horde-side guild on the server, and evidently some European guilds. It's a queue mod, which when spammed in guild chat, allows players to whisper me to queue them up for a raiding position. It allows us to see who is available to raid, who shows up late, and who is waiting as back up. It's only hassle is the occasional MTs to me through whisper, and vice versa. It also comes with a Alt-addon, which when the guild notes are set up properly, adds the name of the mains next to the name of their alt in chat, making conversation that much easier.

EDIT: 2/5/09 Updated for Wrath.

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