Thursday, September 4, 2008

What I sacrifice for science...

Worn out from preparing for my experiment that started today, I backed out of raiding last night. Turns out they did really well, clearing all the way up to Illidan.

Madness of the Betrayer dropped again. Not surprised. It went to our Fury warrior (and GM), so it was okay. What I'm more bitter about is that none of the gear that I want didn't drop for the other hunter in the raid, who could actually use the upgrades.

A MM hunter applied to the guild. His gear is great, as is his damage (about 200 more than mine, no surprise with SV verses MM in similar gear). It would be a beautiful thing to run a three hunter spec, feral druid, and shaman group... I'd hate to make him respec to BM just to suit raid make-up though, and since we raid typically caster heavy, that might be the case.

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