Tuesday, September 2, 2008


This accomplishes a dream I have had since The Burning Crusade was released: Illidan's head on a plate.

I wish this was a guild effort, but it's not. We sold both our Archimonde and our Illidan to other guilds in exchange for helms and chests. One of our mages got his helm from Archi the other night, and tonight, we saw Illidan die.

The instance was sold to a Sunwell guild, and for the most part, the raid was comprised of alts of their mains, in addition to three healers and six DPS from our guild. The MT and OTs were offspeced for the fight, but because they knew the fight so well, it didn't matter. Probably half of the raiders in there were mains.

It took three hours, and twelve attempts. Most ended in Phase 2, the usual tanking and healing issues withstanding. One attempt we managed to 11%, and my heart was beating so fast, I couldn't begin to describe it. I don't think I have ever been as close to retching over WoW as that attempt. Sadly, it was a wipe, but we kept at it. The last attempt, I even DCed, and at that point, I think my heart stopped for four seconds.

But he died, oh, he died. And the bastard dropped three fucking Vanquishers. Since the guild paid us two chests, it was grats to the only druid and mage in the raid from our guild. I'm glad the druid got his chest - gearing a tank is always welcome. The mage... not so much... When we were getting invites from the raid leader, the mage was crying about how much he needed the chest upgrade. And I hate that. I don't care what your gear is like - we all want t6 chest, we all would welcome the tier bonus. Don't you dare assume that you will be rewarded the chest just because you are in raid. Sadly, there was no other choice.

And no, the bow didn't drop, which was a bummer, because I was the only hunter in raid :). It would have been nice for mana-issue bosses, and leveling to 80.

New goal in life: Do it with my guild!


Pike said...


Good luck getting the bow in the future ^^

Rilgon Arcsinh said...


I still wish you the best of luck in your fully-guilded runs. :)

What is it that's giving you guys the most headaches? I'd take your kill this time as a tool to teach the "kids back home", as it were, a thing or two and get it done. :D

Neggles said...

It's phase two - it's one of the most difficult off-tanking fight in the game, mainly because it requires a lot of communication.

We did have one of our OTs in the fight with us, and he said he did learn a lot. Sadly, it just comes down to practice.