Thursday, September 11, 2008


Here are the important stats on Gronnstalker's Gloves:
35 Agil
21 Int
10 Agil gem
15 Crit rating (13+2 socket bonus)
62 AP
140 ignored armor

They are about equal to Gauntlets of Rapidity, which extra crit and AP are fairly balanced with the armor ignore on the T6.

The two crafted gloves that drop from patterns in Sunwell are Fletcher's Gloves of the Phoenix:
30 Agil
25 Int
20 Agil (10+10 gems, ignoring socket bonus)
34 Haste rating
76 AP

and Gloves of Immortal Dusk:
30 Agil
20 Agil (10+10 gems)
33 Crit rating (30+3 socket bonus)
90 AP
154 ignored armor.

Okay, it comes down the how much value is the haste, since the leather gloves beat out the mail in Crit and AP. I'm leaning towards the leather, since I'm still not stacking haste due to poor drop rate. I'll have to get rid of Don Alejandro's Money Belt first though, because the thought of having two items without Intellect on them makes my mana pool cry.

Too bad my likelihood of seeing Kil'Jaeden is slim to nothing, because Thalassian Ranger Gauntlets (like most things of Thalassian nature) are beautiful.

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