Sunday, September 7, 2008

Inside joke (sorta)

You can never remember where the best jokes start, and so is the case for this one. It was a BT run, and for some forgetful reason one of the raid leaders starts peddling the website "". Jokes ensue, including the observation that the webhost domain is currently available (and I'm thinking "Crap, will this be like"), if you join the guild you get a free yearly subscription, etc. Despite many /eyerolls and /facepalms on my part, the joke is still alive and well.

Ironicaly, this gave me an excuse to do some fanart in response:

Yes, yes, this is Naked Neg, ever so modest and ever so pissed at her guildees. I was tempted to have her holding Halberd of Desolutation while saying "Don't make me shove this up your @$$!!" but I think that would have been too much :P

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