Thursday, September 11, 2008

Musing over Careful Aim

I really like this talent, but should we be wary about it's beauty?

Careful Aim gives us a second stat that gives us 1:1 RAP, making both Intelligence and Agility sought after. This will increase the mana pool for certain, since we will be just as likely to gem for Int as we do for Agil. Think of it this way: Gem for 20 Agil, get 20 RAP and .24 % crit and gem for 20 Int, get 20 RAP, 300 mana and a dash of mp5. This may vary, of course, what with raid buffs being changed, so the mana pool may not be as scary as we think it is now.

But what will this do to gear? Will we see a higher Int with a lower base AP and perhaps higher hit/crit/haste? How high will our RAP soar, how deep will our mana pool plunge?

It will be so much fun to find out :D.

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Rilgon Arcsinh said...

My goal for Wrath is hitting 5,000 RAP. ;)