Monday, September 29, 2008

Where is everybody?

Was Sunday a gamer's holiday of some sort that I didn't know about?

We had a grand total of 17 raiders on last night - needless to say not enough to work on Sunwell like we should've. It's particularly tough on people that want Sunmotes and trash drops (please drop some Leatherworking patterns please oh please oh please). We have at least three raiders that want Sunmotes, either for the haste ring or for gloves. Most of them have bought some already, so it's justifyable that they would want the guild to supply the remaining. The problem is that we have a grand total of seven Sunmotes right now. So how should we divide them?

Our old excuse was to tell the raiders that we won't be handing out Sunmotes until we run SW consistantly. That sorta became fact last week, though this whole "cancelling-raids-because-of-random-lack-of-raiders" thing is not helping matters either. Our new excuse is to holdout on giving the Sunmotes until we have X amount (most likely 15-20 or so). It's a pain though, since raiders are going out to buy their own Sunmotes for easily 1000g a pop, so they do deserve the upgrades for their gear. Sigh, too bad a SV hunter's gear is so finely balanced - I have to switch out at least two items before I can even consider those gloves, not to meantion getting another peice of T6 in order to maintain that lovely lovely set bonus.

As for attendence, I don't see how people have an excuse from at least not posting MIA. I just moved into the dorm for my fourth and final undergraduate year (hence my quiet postings for the last several days) but I still managed to show up to raid last night, abet I had many boxes still hanging around...

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