Friday, September 12, 2008

Changing up the 80 spec

I mused over Rilgon's choices in the BM and SV tree for a while, debating them, before coming up with a raiding spec I liked. The new Beta patch helped make some decisions, for certain.

SV: Moving Survival Instincts to the second tier made it impossible to not get, but I could not give up Hawk Eye. If end game raiding has taught me anything, it's that mobility has to be an option. Everyone MUST be spread out for an encounter, so I see Hawk Eye literally as a Survival talent. Dead hunters do no damage, and being one of the two classes with the longest range, we should be out there on the outskirts in order to make room for the rest of the raid. There shouldn't be a reason we have to risk dying in order to do damage. We're not shadow priests!

MM: Right now, I see conflicting information on the cooldown of Chimera Shot. The talent trees on WoWHead and MMOChampion list the cooldown as 10 secs, while the spell ranks on WotLKWiki list (but not on the talent list) is as 6 seconds. Since I am more inclined to consider the WotLKWiki as a simple editing mistake, Chimera Shot does not share a CD with Arcane Shot, and I will still use both in my rotation and hence spec into Imp. Arcane.

(I'm still slightly confused on the whole Kill Shot thing. So, it's no longer an execute, as of today it has no knockback and is essentially dealing twice the damage of Steady Shot, has a 35 second CD, and has an extended range? PvP only, like Multi-Shot, I guess? /shrug)

BM: Yeah, 50% added to Aspect of the Hawk was great, 30% is more lack-luster and doesn't really motivate me to spend 4 points to get it, however nice Imp. Rez Pet is. Right now, the whole issue with Aspect of the Viper is scaring the crap outta me, in addition to that evil evil thing known as Potion Sickness, so hunter mana issues are really up in the air. I hope something happens for our benefit, and soon.

That last point that I always seem to have floating around went into Focused Aim, though I suppose you could say I just moved the two points from Focused Aim into Survival Instincts.

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