Monday, September 22, 2008


Since Pike insisted, here's the mess:

I don't really keep things in rows, rather, like my bags, I arrange things in groups. Starting from the top left and going clockwise:

Badges of Justice - As soon as I get 15, I spend them on gems to see on the AH. Sadly, prices are falling and they are no longer selling like they use to... Pre-expansion economy is beginning to set in.
Bulk raiding elixirs - Major Mageblood and Major Agility
Spare Oils
Spare Healing Potion Injectors
Bulk Fel Mana Potions
Bulk Scrolls of Agility V - Please, oh please, let Inscription make these stack up to at least 20...
Spare drums - Drums of Battle and Drums of War
Spare Depleted Crystal Foci

Bag One: Random old world/new world trinkets and summon pieces, including Barov Peasant Collar, Orb of Deception, and my good ol' Royal Seal of Elde'Thalas, the first trinket I recall ever being of real use. Mounts are also in this bag, but sadly, I have none of real notoriety.

Bag Two: All the non-combat pets that I don't carry with me.

Bag Three: PvP badges from world events and battlegrounds, along with things like Nightbane's Urn, Preserved Holly, and Proxy of Nozdormu (along with spare Silithid Carapace Fragments) from back when I had delusions of getting Brood of Nozdormu rep.

Bag Four: Old pre-BC items, including Rhok and Lok, Ancient Sinew Wrapped Lamina, and the Black Dragonscale Armor set. Also in here is the Crimson Lotus and the letter that my then boyfriend (now fiance) set along with it: "A pretty flower for a pretty lady. Love you". Since it was one of those rare, all-too-sweet things that guys like my man do on occasion, it had to be preserved.

Bag Five: My scant tabard collection, PvP gear that I never wear, and gear that I potentially might wear again, depending on stat needs.

Bag Six: Current gear, including Netherscale Ammo Pouch, shadow resist gear, and Forest Prowler's Helm, which I will wear again once I get a piece of T6 out of Sunwell.

Bag Seven: Random spare gems (mostly for the PvP gear that I'll never use), spare pet food, and Super Healing Pots to make injectors with.

Now you're asking, Hey Neg, aren't you a Leatherworker? Where's all your leather? And hey, where are your mats period? I don't even see a single Felweed!

Meet Leatherbag:

She stores all of my leather goods, both pre-BC and after.

As for herbs and primals, that's where Da Mule comes in:

Everything I'll need, including my set of Twill clothing, just on the off chance that I should loose everything, I won't go naked :)

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Pike said...

Hehe, thanks for posting, I got the idea from one of your latest entries after all! ;P

I LOVE your super-organized Leatherbag bank! My inner crafter is jealous.