Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Seeing red again..

We did really well in BT tonight, clearing 6 bosses. Nothing terribly noticeable dropped (fuck you, Boneweave Girdle), however, it was a night of increased rage on my part for other raiding hunters.

Groups were set up tonight such that I was placed with our regular BM hunter, the one that doesn't listen. He requested the in group shaman to lay down Grace of Air so he could check his agility, then he said "Woot, 1040 agil!" And I'm thinking, "Oh, no he didn't." Turns out the bastard had specced SV for the raid - my survival spec even. Now, I really don't care what he raids as. He could raid PvP specced for all I care. But you never fucking spec into Expose Weakness when there is another hunter in raid that has it. EVER. It's a fucking waste of talent points. And it pissed me off something terrible the fact that he didn't tell me he was going to try SV for the night so I could respec to accommodate him. COMMUNICATION: Is is too much to ask for?!

So I hearthed out, ported to Org, and specced MM for the night, killing him on damage that I actually tried on (not sure what happened on Teron, but my MM dmg is subpar anyway due to my comp, I fully admit that). My rage died out as the night progressed and we one-shotted every boss. But oh how I seethed and ranted on Vent in bind to another officer.

The great MM hunter that apped and ran with us for a Hyjal run decided to stop raiding all together, which is a bummer, considering he was so good. I suppose it means less competition for MM raiding in Wrath... We had another hunter app, but his lolspiritbond BM spec and gem choice was questionable, leaving me to wonder how he even got his T6 chest. We have a hunter member in guild that's looking to become raider, but his gear is terrible, he doesn't use a 3:2 macro as he should, and he raids with a wolf. We're essentially telling him what to do, which I dislike, especially in T6 content. He was a pally main, then switched after taking a leave of absence. He switched mains awhile back, but told me he wasn't saving his badges for the badge bow until he was sure he was raiding... A guy who decides his hunter is now is main, is forgoing getting the best attainable bow outside of endgame... until he's sure he's raiding? Srsly?

I have a headache. AFK

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*tries to apply*

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