Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Moth Macros

Removing Lick Your Wounds and Call of the Phoenix from my pet action bar freed up room for Serenity Dust again. I had forgotten that it was terribly bugged, such that it won't autocast unless the pet has been hit, and even then, it may not, as Bloodthirsty tends to hell the pet immediately.

I was fiddling with some macros today that would manually cast Serenity Dust, and I settled on two. Despite the fact that Kill Command is no longer a spam-able spell that it once was, I'm still in the habit of spamming the buttons that I had key bound to it. Making

/cast Kill Command
/cast Serenity Dust

pretty much assured that it would get hit. In addition, I made

/cast Steady Shot
/cast Serenity Dust

such that it is in the shot rotation now.

I took Serenity Dust off of autocast and tested on the target dummies in Org doing my regular shot rotation. The results: Serenity Dust is now going off, but its not guaranteed to go off the first time. It would eventually trigger, which is better than it not going off at all.

Looks like Rabid is bugged for moths as well, as it was not always going off automatically. I'll be keybinding it in a similiar manner.

Tinea pulled out 600 dps, underneath the other MM hunter's 800 DPS cat. About right, I should think.

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Rilgon Arcsinh said...

Good, I was thinking about macroing it for the times that I bring Mynia to Naxxramas with me, assuming we have a druid.