Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Off to a good start!

Tonight before breaking off into 10-mans, we did our first Obsidian Sanctum run. We one-shotted Sartharion (unsurprisingly) with the drakes dead. My DPS was abysmal (also unsurprisingly) - I barely managed to stay above the rogues, if even that.

Breaking off into the 10-mans, my group decided to do Normal OS. We made two attempts at keeping Vesperon up (-25% HP), but soon decided that our DPS was simply too low to realistically pull it off, so killed off that drake before one-shotting Sartharion again.

Over to Naxx, where Spider Wing gifted me with my new gloves and polearm. I had to bail out after Nuth. I'll have to wait until tomorrow to enchant/gem them up.

This week is starting out well :).

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