Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Hit issue solved!

It's amazing how much one item can solve so many problems! Yea for Grim Toll! This means I can ditch my not-so-Massive Spaulders of the Jormungar in favor of Pauldrons of Havoc. Woot.

Our first unofficial guild-only 25-Naxx run was tonight. We cleared both Spider and Plague wings, even pulling off an achievement that the top-end Horde guild hadn't pulled off yet in the process, just due to our lack of priests in the raid!

No raiding tomorrow. I have two finals on Thursday (back-to-back, ugh) that must be studied for, so my WoW time is limited to breaks.


Rilgon Arcsinh said...

What an icky trinket. ArPen? Bleh.

Would've rather had Sphere of Red Dragon's Blood, myself. :|

Neggles said...

It ignores up to half the target's armor. I'm quite content with it.