Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Gross Generalizations

I've been playing WoW for over three years, and strangely, I've found little has changed in regard keeping things neutral sex in regard to dealing with other players. I still get a lot of "Thanks, man" when responding to a profession need in Trade. And while it is true, an MMORPG is comprised mainly of male players, and nothing can be assumed about the sex of your character, but WoW is the most popular online game now, and that means more female players. Keeping things gender neutral is just polite.

However, what surprises me the most are the male players that assume that women playing WoW are "typical" females, when in reality, gamer girls rarely fit into that category. Sure, you get your stay-at-home domestic divas that play, and yes, they usually assume the girly-girl role, but the bulk of women players are not that. We're geeks, we're nerds, we have better spatial capabilities than most women. Do not assume that we like pink, musicals, and romantic-comedies. When I say that hearing about Legally Blonde: The Musical made me die a little more inside, I mean it.

And Twilight, the books and the movie, suck. Yes, I said it.


~One Among Many~ said...

Too true. I'm an Architectural Drafter (CAD) but currently work on Backgrounds in an engineering firm. I snowboard, I love sports AND gaming and have always enjoyed drawing to no end. At the same time, I love cute and fuzzy critters, I can Oooo and Awww at adorable stories like WallE. All the while, I always get the "thanks dude" or "Man you're an awesome tank, bro!"

I'm not a guy! I don't say anything though. I generally just think, "Well, what does it matter...out of the billion players here, I probably wont group with this guy again."

The ones that do know are my friends and occasional guildmates.

100% agree though. Girl gamers are not always what one may assume them to be.


(Great post)

Neggles said...

I think WallE is the exception to every rule. When my man saw it, he said, "I know I'm not supposed to say this, but that movie was precious."

Kordwar said...

I'll admit it, WallE was a good movie.

Pike said...

My boyfriend giggled like a little girl at Wall-E. It was cute >.>