Monday, December 15, 2008

I look like Pella!

And I glow!

Time for the Winter Festival.

Pro-tips: Buy only what you cannot produce/farm yourself. If you are Horde, the Dragonhawks outside of Silvermoon have a 100% drop rate for eggs.

I just farmed The Abominable Greench for an hour. Stay on one side, at one spawn point. Get a group going, such that there are 1/5 less people waiting to tag him. My macro: /tar The Abom /cast Arcane Shot. I also kept an explosive trap down. Don't worry if you don't hear him yell for awhile - I'm almost positive you can't hear him if he spawns on the east side and you're on the west.

Happy Achievement farming!


Rilgon Arcsinh said...

Screw Pella, you look kinda like me. o_O;

What weapon is that, Wraith Spear?

Neggles said...

If by you, you mean a sexier version of you ;)

Yep, that's Wraith Spear, with 110 AP enchant that is blood pink.