Friday, December 19, 2008

First Among Few

No surprise, in this game of tag, that among the few readers that post, it's the fellow stubborn MM hunter who gets the well-deserved linkage.

Pike tagged anyone who would participate in this encircling game of pointing out who was the first to ever comment on your blog (as begun by Cait @ One Among Many). Why, it's Rilgon, of course!

I had originally started The Butterfly as a combination WoW/RL blog - Facebook notes were not cutting it. I named it "The Angry Butterfly" in tribute to my budding epiphany that I wanted to study lepidoptera, under Neggles, short for Negathle and a minor pet name I had among friends that usually call me Neg (d'oh!). As time passed, it became more and more obvious that two-lives-one-blog wasn't going to work, so I cut my boring, scientist-to-be life and just wrote about the life and trials of a raiding MM Hunter in the Burning Crusade. And now it's obvious that to future Hunters that cross my path will think this is a BM hunter blog, but I assure you, The Butterfly began well before Moths could become tamable :3.

Anyway, I made a copy-n-paste post with Flintlocke's Guide to Azeroth about a world without Rogues (it's beautiful, I tell you!), and Rilgon commented: "Truest. Comic. Ever."

There you have it. I really have to thank all my readers, because you give me hope that my regular pounding of the keys isn't simply lost in the spiraling oblivion of the Internets. Special thanks to Rilgon, who not only took up the helm once Howitzer departed, but is also the best blogging buddy the Butterfly could ever ask for.


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Anonymous said...

Awww glad you decided to join in! I really do feel greatful to everyone that has ever given me an encouraging comment or helped me through a rough day. It really makes you feel connected to other bloggers. Keep up the wonderful blogging! RAWR HUG!