Sunday, December 14, 2008

Trading in the gears

Ran a good handful of heroics and raids last night with profitable results. Snagged new boots out of H-Violet Hold (along with snagging the gloves for future use), new ring out of H-Culling of Stratholme, and new pants from 10-man Archavon.

Angelista's Revenge can't be vendored, I discovered, and while I vendored my old boots from Teron, I felt a ping of nostalgia for my pants from Hyjal, so they got stashed away in the bank for now.

This leaves me with a ring, chest, bracers, and bow that still need upgrading. If I want to just fork over the gold, Band of Kirin Tor is a suitable upgrade (and who doesn't love an achievement).

I found the hard way that being having 193 hit is not good enough - I missed 1 Aimed, 1 Chimera, and 2 Autos in 25-man Archavon. These false tales of an 8%-hit cap got my hopes up! Speaking of which, I spoke with a game-designer for Blizzard (whom I won't name) about the supposed hit cap reduction. His response: I don't really work with bugs. So, yes, I'm going to interpret this how I want, and say this: It's just a bug, boys and girls, so continue stacking that hit.

Oh, and not having a repair vendor in Wintergrasp sucks. My bow was at 4 durability during the 25-man, so I went outside only to be ganked repeatedly by Alliance in my search for repairs. As a result, about 4/5 of the way through the 10-man I was running, my bow broke. Ironically, I was still top DPS by the end, but it was embarrassing as all hell for an officer to come to raid with their main weapon nearly broken. The little paper doll armor guy needs to show up earlier to remind me :(.

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