Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Hunter and Pet 2-for-1 Talent Respec!

Last night I was musing over my talent tree, thinking about changing into a more Arcane based tree. I decided on this one: 8/56/7. The most obvious is simply the exchanging of points from Barrage to Imp. Arcane Shot, but then I realized, Hey! I have a point wandering about (that I refuse to put into Rapid Recuperation)! So into Imp. Revive Pet it goes.

I was defending my stance about having both Heart of the Phoenix and Call of the Wild in Rilgon's post the other day. I do believe that as MM my pet is a buff to me, not a major source of damage. I greatly value my pet for this (CotW, Focused Fire), so much that I'm willing to sacrifice its damage in favor of its survivability. Tinea's only putting out about 500 DPS on a pet-friendly fight (opposed to a BM hunter's cat, which was typically around 1K DPS, though I saw it spike to 1.2k), but I'm not that concerned. My damage is still competitive, and that's what matters. But anyway, since I do have a point into Imp. Revive Pet, that point in Phoenix is getting moved over to Rabid for this talent build, as I said I would. Tinea's DPS should improve now.

Pending Rilgon's tests on a sans-CE build (yes, I trust him with my life, it seems), there might be another respec in the future.

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