Saturday, July 19, 2008

My obsessions cross!

They are making moths tamable in WotLK! This means my third stable slot is officially filled, once I tame up the higher levels of pet spells for my Windserpents (which I'm not even sure I'll have to do yet). This gives me two utility pets and one DPS pet, as moths are in the Ferocity tree.

I admit this confuses me... Windserpents, flying snakes that can breathe lightning, are considered utility pets (read: support), while moths are considered damage. WTF?

Now the question remains what I shall name it. Gypsy? Geometer? Sweetheart?

EDIT: Moths are in the Ferocity tree, so DPS, while Windserpents are in the Cunning tree, just for utility.

I'm kinda cool with the the unique ability they get: Serenity Dust - The moth's wings produce a cloud of dust that increases its attack power by 10% and heals it over 15 sec. (75 Focus, Intsant, 2 min cooldown). At least it's original.

I wish they would have upped Lightning Breath a bit, but oh well.

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They are?


What type of pet are they? :o