Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Pet Talents

For my moth, which I have determined will be this one:

Haven't decided on his name though, but this will be this talent tree.

My windserpent will be this talent tree, though I'm not certain yet which one I will give up. Aeris, my red Son of Hakkar, is my eldest, while Sephiroth is my blue Soulflayer and the one I was really happy to tame, since they took out the color changing abilities of the Sons of Hakkar. I think it might be Sephiroth, since our BM hunter tamed a Soulflayer recently, but we'll see.

Now what tanking pet should I tame? I'm leaning towards a turtle, I think this one:

And here's his tanking tree. Dammit, I need names for these guys!

EDIT: I tamed my turtle, despite the fact that the expansion and maybe even the content patch before it would allow any under-level pets to jump up to 65. His name is Maturin, and currently 46!

1 comment:

Rilgon Arcsinh said...

Aww, that moth is so CUTE! <3

I'm no good at making up names for other people, though, so I can't help you besides reinforcing how cute she is. :D