Sunday, July 20, 2008

People are failing to catch on..

Since the opening of beta, I've been visiting the official forums periodically to see if anything new has been confirmed, such as the Exotic Pets that BM hunters are so curious about. There is, of course, doubt that MM will return to the PvE scene, mainly because of the 'weak' 51 point talent and doubt that the buffed talents for the tree will be able to be on par with Serpent Swiftness. Here's what I think a lot of people don't consider: Haste gear. It's freaking everywhere in the xpac, and what I predict will be the next tool of MM hunters.

Here's also crossing fingers that Trueshot Aura will be raid-wide like pally auras. If not, I'll be actually rather pissed and call "Hypocrites!"

No much science to post as of late. Back in lab doing the same-ol' same-ol', waiting for my faculty adviser to remember my senior project.

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