Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Summer Slump

Any time our Main Tank and and Guild Master posts that he isn't going to make it, people assume that raid is canceled, so they don't show up nor post that they are not going to show up. For the officers that do log on dutifully, it might as well be a death spiral, since while it is entirely possible to raid without our MT (our Off Tanks are quite capable), we end up having to actually cancel raid despite our capabilities because of all the people assuming that raid is canceled. Is that irony? No, I'm sure there is a better word for it that is just not coming to mind.

This time of year is particularly hard for the casual-hardcore guilds. The holidays hit us like a truck with all the no shows, and recovering from them is particularly difficult. We downed Illidari Council the week before the fourth of July, and now we were grateful to clear through to Shade in two hours. And here I was so hopeful that we could down Illidan. We might yet, but it'll prove difficult. Too bad I have a life outside of WoW, otherwise I'd be sorely tempted to join the truly hardcore guild on my server, and help kill Muru.

I'm thinking about following a lot of the old school guild members and jumping on Warhammer when it comes out. It'll depend though, on what the leveling system is like. The boyfriend and I are big into solo game play. When he attempted Final Fantasy X, the biggest turn of for him was how everything required a group to complete - nothing was soloable as it is in WoW. That'll be the kicker. If I can't do anything by myself, I'm not interested.

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