Friday, July 18, 2008

Level 80 Spec

Here's what I'm thinking:

The expected points in BM and SV.
Focused Aim: Because the one week I was BM, the one thing I hated most was the fucking pushback from any damage. I HATED it.
Careful Aim: I love me my Int.
Combat Experience: Same, though those will be the first to go if I choose to move things around. Somewhat disappointed that nothing was improved through it.
Wild Quiver: I'm still uncertain about this talent. Will it be worth it, or will the proc rate be dismal that the three points are better spent else where?
Chimera Shot: Unlike a lot of people, I am optimistic about this for raiding, particularly desired by tanks. Means I'll have to put Scorpid Sting in my shot rotation though... Hmm... Timing it should be interesting, as with mana efficiency.. (Oh man, I CANNOT WAIT to figure out all of this!)

I really have no faith in Rapid Recuperation. This may change of course. So much has to be tested before anything is final.

Since it is really looking like there is the possibility of one of each hunter spec in raid, I might be the nice person and let our eldest BM hunter return to MM, and I could stay raid SV. As much as I love MM, I wouldn't mind being the SV hunter either, unless she wants to try it out. I'll let her have first say. Otherwise, this shall be my build, I think:

I'll have to see what Alu thinks.


Rilgon Arcsinh said...

I REALLY think that 3/3 Rapid Recuperation would be way better than 2/2 Combat Experience and 1/1 Silencing Shot, unless you want it for a hybrid build.

I can see how Chimaera Shot can be kinda useful, but eh... it feels way too gimmicky and something that you'd only go get for a boss fight that your raid's just getting totally maimed by.

I'm thinking this:

You get two points to play with - maybe snagging Silencing and Chimaera, I dunno.

Neggles said...

I just don't see Rapid Recuperation as being that useful. 60% mana from Steady Shot, which is already a light weight comparatively. Every 3 minutes for 15 seconds, plus farming. That's fairly comparable to the 6% int you'll have from CE.

Rilgon Arcsinh said...

Steady, Arcane, AND Kill all get cost reductions due to Rapid Recuperation. It's all shots. :)

Neggles said...

But what shot will be used most often during Rapid Fire? Steady and Kill. By the time you are really using Kill, you don't care about mana, because by the last 20%, you're just downing the bastard. Arcane won't come into it, because an ill-timed Arcane will still push back autos.

Rilgon Arcsinh said...

You can use Kill Shot at any amount of percent.

You attempt to finish the wounded target off, firing a long range attack dealing weapon damage plus [RAP * 0.15 + 325]. Causes an additional 745 to 825 bonus damage against targets at or under 20% health.

It's just STRONGER at 20% or lower, hence why it's becoming the other special in my 3:2.

Neggles said...

Heh, I gotta admit I didn't even consider that, mainly because I've thinking Kill Shot as Execute and nothing else. I'll have to think about it. I might even be so bored as to drag my calculator into it.

I just can't let go of the infrequency of use the talent will have. I don't used Rapid Fire more than twice on a boss fight (maybe three-times for learning Supremus and Illidan, unsure about Sunwell), which is 30-45 seconds of use. Bah, now I have to go look up attack speed formulas...