Monday, September 22, 2008

The Great Hyjal Debate

So tonight, instead of going into Sunwell for some fun trash lewts and practice on Kalecgos, the officers decided to clear Hyjal. Oh, joy....

We first entered Mount Hyjal in January. It was on the tail end of the time before patch 2.4, where attunements to Hyjal and Black Temple were removed, so we were very proud of ourselves for downing Vashj and Kael in order to get keyed. Archimonde died in April - not the fastest clear, but satisfactory for us. That was also the month that I received all the loot I remotely needed out of that instance.

We have notoriously bad loot luck. We've seen Tempest of Chaos once, Bristleblitz Striker once, and Leggings of Channeled Elements twice. We have very unhappy casters. Most gloves and helms go to offspec, though there are still a couple of individuals that insist on going back because their helm token didn't drop. And so here we are.

I remember thinking how cool the Battle for Mount Hyjal was as a raid instance. No pulls, just wave after wave of incoming enemies. It made me feel like being in a real war, fighting ghouls one on one, working as a team to down the dozens of mobs that were trying to kill us. We were on the defense for once, not the offense, and that spice was sweet to taste after the monotonous pull-kill-pull-kill of TK/SSC trash.

The novelty of Mount Hyjal lasted all of two weeks.

Now it is just a grind to get through the bosses, distribute loot to people that only half-heartedly need it. I find ways to make it more interesting for myself, but it's difficult.

Nothing like tanking the Frost Wyrm.

Chain trapping infernals FTW.

It's just SO BORING. We really don't need anything in the instance, so where is the point when we stop? We already clear Black Temple in two days, why are we even in here when we could be clearing into Sunwell? At what average gear point does it matter whether or not one of our druid tanks has his helm? It's a headache I never appreciate having, and I'm fairly confident that this instance will be to me what Molten Core was to many people: The instance I never want to return to.

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