Wednesday, October 29, 2008

By the Earth Mother, I LOVE being Marksman!

Tonight was one of those nights where everything is just great. A one shot on every boss and I polish off my loot-desires from Black Temple.

Good-bye Vengeance Wrap! I've had you for over a year and a half. I remember my boyfriend getting it as a random world drop, and giving it to our guild tailor. I was so excited to see those stats, I raised the gold, bought the mats, and ran with him to get my Primal Nether back when they were still BoP. I was so pleased with the bright crimson draping behind me, a color I would later come to loathe. Now I have Shadowmoon Destroyer's Drape, and I can't get used to staring at the purple pattern. It's like a whole new me.

I don't remember if Vengeance Wrap or Bloodlust Brooch was my first level 70 epic. Regardless, I retired the trinket tonight, too, for Madness of the Betrayer. It was my first badge buy, and I ran those heroics as much as I could to get it. Both the cloak and the trinket will be banked out of nostalgia. When I'm 80, I might toss them for more bank space, but for now, they will be folded up and stored away lovingly.

Now time for the DPS stats of this great run. My highest was on Teron.

I averaged about 2k, which I find odd, considering I averaged higher the last full run I was in. I blew everyone away on Council though:

See #3? That was a BM hunter in a weird spec, though he still had the core talents. I was hoping to get a better comparison, but I take what get.

What I though was really cool was my highest Chimera Shot of the night:

8k. An 8k Chimera crit. I LOVE THIS SPEC. (That is my overall damage done, including trash, hence Volley is so high.)

Forgetting that the game is so nerfed of it's previous levels, it was a good night playing how I love to play.


Rilgon Arcsinh said...

It's like a drug.

You have so much happening at once, so many timers, mana bars, everything to watch, your pet to control, cooldowns to manage...

Ah, it's such a blissful sensory assault. :D

Rilgon Arcsinh said...

Also, if you missed it on SES, I made something for you :3

Neggles said...

Aww.. thank you so much!

I posted in the suggestion forums that if both tabards are in inventory, then that person should be able to access a small instance in Shattrath, hence proving they have the items, sorta like how you once had to be a certain rank to enter the PvP vendors instance in Org/Stormwind, or even just a keyed instance.

It can't be too much trouble to configure the tabards as a key, though I suppose making a new instance, however tiny, in Shat might be more trouble than its worth for the few of us :(.

Anyhow, I'm sure my suggestion was lost in all the complaints about the zombies.

Nassira said...

So sexy.