Thursday, October 9, 2008

We're casters, right? Then why aren't we here?

I found this little theoretical tidbit though my guild's Mages.

No idea why they have Enhancement Shaman in there though... If they are just considering all mana users, then why not Ret Paladins as well?

What really bugs me about this is how high the so-called hybrid damage classes are. I dunno, it just irks me that classes that have the ability to have multiple raid functions could cause a pure damage class to become obsolete. I know it's an archaic concern, that hunters will never cease to be on the raiding scene, but, theoretically, what do we bring that no other class brings? Misdirect is taken by Rogues (no, they won't pull, but it is still *possible*), Enhancement Shaman and Blood Death Knights provide an AP multiplier like Trueshot, Ret Paladins provide a percent damage increase like Ferocious Inspiration, and, of course, Hunting Party is just another Vampiric Touch.

/sulks away in depression

Mind you, I've been shying away form forums for the past four months or so, mainly because of my tendency to become too impassioned about certain topics that are generally not worth it, so how hunters are doing in Beta DPS-wise is currently unknown to me. I've just become a pessimist with all the nerfs to our core damage talents...


Rilgon Arcsinh said...

Enhancement Shaman and Blood Death Knights provide an AP multiplier like Trueshot

Yeah, but mine is stronger than theirs will ever be, thanks to my Glyph, so they can suck it. :P

Nassira said...

Cheer up! I suggest watching BRK's Rhino video if you wanna see what hunters get that no one else does. And it's pretty effin' cool. =P


Neggles said...

It's not a matter of being ABLE to do something that no other class does, it's a matter of being a class that is WANTED in a raid.

Don't get me wrong, I like BRK, but using the 51-point BM talent is not the best choice to try to cheer me up with... I cried inside when I heard Core Hounds would become tamable, just because Rilgon would be placing points into that evil, evil 5-point talent...

Rilgon Arcsinh said...

Only temporarily/only when I want to harass people in front of the AH.

Chimera shot is too good. So good.