Monday, October 27, 2008

Felmyst, The Fickle Dragon

Worked extensively on Felmyst tonight. Got her to about 40%, but not without a lot of hardship.

The main part is people listening . They get so caught up in whatever they are doing (watching the damage meter) that they don't watch or register to get out of the way of something, or to run in a certain direction.

The second part, though, is all on me. I offered to call out her positioning, mainly because I am the only hunter in raid, and I have nifty-difty Track Undead. At first, it was assumed that it depended on what side, left or right, she was on that determined which zone she dusted, but that was soon debunked. She goes to the middle, switching back and forth while just hovering there, like she can't decided which area to dust, then about a second and a half before the dusting actually occurs, she either stays in her position, or she moves. It's a complete pain to determine, and half the time I'm just screaming in vent "Move! Move! Move! No, stay! Stay! Stay!"

For the first couple of times that we successfully got to the point of dealing with mulitple dusts, I was dead, so it was easy enough to move my camera and call out the last second position changes. And, like a constantly multitasking noob, I forgot that I should have been looking at my mini-map as well to see how her position changes coorespond to the movement of that little red dot, such that when I was alive during Phase Two, I would still have to swirl my camera around. Ended up solving that by putting someone on auto follow and just ignoring the AoEing.

We should get her tomorrow.

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