Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Obviously Blizzard never wants me to do homework again...

It's just easier to make this a list:
  • 70 Spec is finalized. Testing out Rapid Recuperation: I found that the AotV -> Rapid Fire filled up my mana pool within the 15 seconds regardless of that single point. Not worth it for me. That second point will go to finishing Combat Experience.
  • I only have one glyph so far: Glyph of Mend Pet. Haven't seen anything come up for free yet, though the Inscriptionists are filling up the gbank with leveling glyphs quickly enough... I'll wait for everyone to level it up before I start actively making my other glyphs.
  • I <3 target dummies!
  • Achievements are too fun... Sadly, I only have six Feats of Strength. Evidently having Aldor Tabard when exalted with the Scryers isn't good enough >.<
  • I have so much more bank space since Scrolls of Agility now stack to 20, tokens/badges are now recorded in the Currency tab, and all my pets and mounts are learned.
  • I really want the Albino Drake, but the quest to get it totally screws over Tauren :(.
  • Tinea is tamed! Yea! She's 65 right now, but eager to level :D.
  • We begin raiding again Thursday. Mods are screwed over majorly - I miss zhunter mod extensively. I hope that Sorren updates Easy Shot Rotations to include stings and the new shots - I would like to keep it at 4 or 5 bars and just be able to choose what shots/stings the mod shows. CT mod had to go - it was screwing over chat. At least Omen and Recount work :S.
  • LEAVE TRADE CHANNEL NOW. I don't remember it being this bad for 2.0, but I might have blocked out those memories. If I see another person ask for a summons to Northrend, or even if hunters have stealth, I might have to gank a bitch...
It was a fun evening chatting with Rilgon and Maevet as well. My server goes down, I pop over to Steamwheedle Cartel - their server goes down, over they come to Kilrogg! It was very refreshing to have some intelligent hunter conversation for once :D.


Nassira said...

=D I just don't even know what to say. I'm so happy. It's hunter bliss. BLISS!

Funniest moment was when I was adding pets to my character and someone in my guild incredulously says (after the achievement announcement in G), "You have 25 mini-pets...?" and I reply, "Actually I have 40" So much bag space, dude. I don't even know what to do with it.

Maevet said...

"It was very refreshing to have some intelligent hunter conversation for once"

I blame that all on Rilgon!

I was busy trying to ride the moth & cliff diving :-)

reminds me I need to toss a post it note on my monitor to X-fer my orc hunter from Carine to Killrog