Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Convince me to keep Piercing Shots

Cause right now, I like this build. I know the high armor on the bosses in Wrath demand some mitigation, but what will be the best response to that?

Aimed Shot is either going to be buffed through Piercing Shots or Barrage/Imp. Barrage, if I want to keep the seven points in BM. The six points that go into Barrage/Imp. Barrage are tough to generate, since points are already spread thin. I considered taking out Focused Aim (and I might yet), but the total lack of hit gear for hunters right now is suggesting that I shouldn't.

I want to keep the seven points in BM because I like having my pet be useful without it doing anything. Plus, it provides me stimulus to have my pet out at all - as a SV hunter, I didn't care one way or another. The talent trees give them greater opportunity for keeping them out and active, otherwise, why should I even take Go for the Throat? I love my pet, and I want the most incentive to keep them out and active as I can.

I will miss Hawk Eye greatly. Not only because spreading out is vital, but I love sniping Alliance. I see you hiding up there, Little Red Dot, waiting for the Horde to rumble past out of the Stonehearth Graveyard - you're going to die! Oh well, you're going to die later instead of sooner since I have to run six more yards.

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Rilgon Arcsinh said...

It really depends on what the armor looks like at 80 post-buff, so I can't convince you of anything. I really wish they'd stop nerfing us so I could finally hammer down what the hell I'm doing at 80.

Blizz is going to drive me to early gray hair and alcoholism.