Friday, November 21, 2008

75? Okay, I'll take it.

After a little college crisis that resulted in two days of no play and an hour-long panic attack resolved only though the powers of Bailey's on the rocks, I finally managed to get some game time in. For an hour.

Meh, it was enough to get to 75, level up First Aid a bit, and skin a TON of Borean Leather. I wish I could have done Clipping Their Wings and Stocking the Shelves forever, as Trapdoor Crawlers and Zul'Drak have 100% drop rate for regular Borean Leather. With a ton of people doing them, I managed to get over three stacks, which soon became Heavy Borean Leather (and that only rewarded me a single skill point...).

Don't ask me how I'm leveling Leatherworking or what guide I'm using. I do it the old fashioned way: Get a lot of mats, make the most of the orange recipies I can, rinse and repeat. I'm at 403 right now, the Zone of Mats Besides Leather. Meh, I'll get to it. Not that it's not a priority - I just haven't had the spare time to put thought towards it.

Right now I'm more embarressed about my lack of dungeon experience at the moment - I've only done one run through the Nexus. I haven't upgraded a single peice of gear, though I've seen things that are close, they are usually peices that take away my precious hit. Supposedly I'll have to say good-bye to my baby, ol' Bristleblitz Striker soon. I hope it's not for a gun... I don't like guns... or crossbows.... I'll be hard pressed to upgrade from my bow.

I like the new Hakkar model:

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