Thursday, November 27, 2008

Icecrown: Can you rip of Tolkien any more, Blizzard?


And the infra-green? Isn't that what we would call.... yellow? Common, you do have intelligent people playing this game, Blizzard...

However, going into the Emerald Dream was cool, though I didn't expect it to be like this. I wanted an instance or portal version, but I suppose this suffices.

And is this what the game is like when you are high? Does it sparkle like this?

New favorite quest line!

Taking control of the lithe stalker was probably the most fun I've had leveling. The jumping aspect was exciting and made me particularly envious of loosing the ability to scale walls once I let the little guy go. And pushing off stone gargoyles was all too amusing.

New hated quest line: Crusader Bridenbrad.

Gotta save the guy from the Plague. Try the druids. Nope, the seeds from Remulos have no effect. Try Alexstrasza, the Dragon Aspect of all Life! Alas, no her life-bringing breath does nothing. Okay, our last-resort: Go to A'dal. Lo and behold, the avatar of the Light does the job, and our poor Crusader is taken off too a happy afterlife.

I see what you did there, Blizzard.

I'm a big fan of my RP games remaining secular as far as real religions go, and this toes the line. Both the magic of the druids and the great Aspect of Life herself could not save the life of this man, BUT the light can. The similarities to pagan-scorn vs. Christian-redemption is all too blanant for my tastes, and I was not impressed with this quest line.


Oh, yeah. I hit 80 last night.

New goals: Farm a ton of Nerubian Chiton, Icy Dragonscales, and Boreon Leather in general, to get past 412 on Leatherworking already.
Get Loremaster.
Dungeon crawl! Wooo!

This also leads me to the issue of The Last Talent Point. Currently I am 7/56/7 and fairly indecisive about where my last talent point will go. As tempting as always is Hawk Eye, but I'm also considering a point in Piercing Shots. No, I will not place into Rapid Recuperation, as much as my mana pool is in constant agony as I grind. Seriously, I hate Viper 3.0. I want two Vipers: A constant mp5 that doesn't stunt my damage by 50% while I'm farming, and a mana-returned-for-damage-done version for instances. This compromise sucks massively.


Pike said...

Big congrats on 80 =)

Rilgon Arcsinh said...

Like I said on Vent when I did that quest: "where the hell is my magic ring, and why is my sword not glowing blue, there's an orc here on a windrider"