Friday, November 14, 2008

Misadventures of Disengage

With the change to Disengage, the range-happy me put it right next to my melee abilities, namely wing clip, so that I may do such melee abilities in succession.

I just hit 72, and I decided to try to solo a 3-man quest.

It was going well, I had the guy down to 5%... when I pulled aggro off my pet.

I was fumbling for my melee buttons when....

Oh, fuck.....

No, I couldn't get to my body.

Since there is a 40-minute queue on my realm atm, there is no end in sight. Right now, my 14-hour spree has been fairly successful - about 45 minutes were dedicated away from the computer for food, bio, and walking so I could feel my legs again

Expansions are unhealthy...