Monday, November 24, 2008

For the Love of the Horde!

So, the Wrathgate questline? That Coolest Questline Ever? It rocks.

Life needs more cut scenes, and I've decided that when I grow up, I want to be a red dragon.

Not only are you undeniably sexy, but when you breathe fire, new plant life springs up!

Off I go to the strangely empty Org to find Thrall, and look! Jaina shows up!

Oooo let's go retake Undercity, and kick that bastard Varimathras (and his ugly new sideburns) in the testicles!

Now, what do you see wrong with this picture? Okay, it's sorta difficult to tell in this screenshot, but Sylvannas is meleeing.... Yes, the ranger-general is dual wielding and meleeing... However, something very pretty in this SS is my Volley DPS. Check out how shiney Chimera becomes:
Oh, I love Thrall/Sylvannas buffs :).

And now I can FLY AGAIN! Woooooo!

Only to promptly get dismounted over Wintergrasp...

Oops.. why, hello there PvP zone! How do I get out of you?






Nassira said...

I can't wait to do those quests! =) I'm hearing so many good things.

What pets are you leveling with, and what's your leveling spec? Are things going smoothly?

Neggles said...

I've been leveling with my turtle tank specced into charge. I tried switching out pets each time, but it became too difficult, particularly once the level gap became large, so I'm just sticking it out with the turtle.

Spec's been the same as Rilgon's, except minus the point in Rapid Recuperation. That point is either going into Piercing Shots or Hawkeye, I haven't decided yet.