Monday, November 3, 2008

Bugs abound

It seems that 3.0 brought in a tide of annoying pesky bugs along with it's overall fun.

While I can't really complain that my problems are on par with poor Pike's, it was extremely frustrating as we worked on the Eredar Twins tonight.

First, I discovered that I wasn't leaving auto attack when I didn't have a target. I Misdirected the Purple One to the MT, fired Chimera and an Auto, jumped down, shot off an Aimed while falling (otherwise she's out of LoS as she runs up the ramp), then dropped target to assume the raid position. But if I targeted the Red One, I began firing. This freaked me out a bit. I would drop target, only to remain in firing position, my bow at ready. I targeted again, and away the arrows fly. I double checked to make sure that my Auto-Auto Attack wasn't on (it wasn't), but luckily it didn't happen after the first couple attempts, otherwise I would have been screwed for Conflag reactions (and pulling aggro).

The second issue isn't really a bug, just a slightly OP affect of the Un-Clippable Auto Shot. Most hunters have already discovered that if you stand still even for a half second while kiting something, an auto shot will invariably follow the instant shot. Well, when you are MDing a tank, and for some unfortunate reason your first three shots do not crit, but the annoying uncoupled Auto Shot that follows does, you might just have a pissed off Purple Bitch of a demon in your face. The MT asked aloud if the Misdirection even went off.


Rilgon Arcsinh said...

The purple demon is just pissed off because you're female.


Neggles said...

You're just jealous she's hitting on me and not you :P

(Oh GAWD the repair bills!)

Pike said...

Ugh, the bugs are ridiculous. Fortunately the GMs finally managed to fix my big one after some back-and-forth communication, but I'm still having problems with the calendar and the way my character seems to automatically switch targets and start shooting away after something dies. I've done a few accidental pulls this way and it's sooo embarrassing.

Maevet said...

there seems to be a delay in shots fired and MD affecting them..

Shot mobs, mobs almost get to me before turning to the MD target.

Rilgon Arcsinh said...

You're just jealous she's hitting on me and not you :P

Guilty. /blueberry tears