Friday, November 14, 2008

Random thoughts and observations of a 18-hour day

So, flying carpets are awesome. I was thinking they would be flown cross-legged, like you would see in a Rudyard Kipling short story, but I hope they are all like this. Not that I'll ever have one as a mount...

The fuzzy worm is quite impressive. One of our other hunters tamed him immediately.

The next person that asks where the Leatherworking and Skinning trainers are in Warsong Hold, I'm going to inflict so much pain upon, I'll make you WISH you had never left Azeroth, let alone Outland. Seriously, if you can't find it, it's probably NOT THERE. If it's not there, then it might be SOME WHERE ELSE. If you can't stand the surprise, WoWHead is that way --->. I forget how much expansions bring out the Barren's Chat.

And while we're on the topic: THE QUEST LOG IS YOUR FRIEND. Everything you ever need to complete a quest is right there! What race you need to perform genocide upon, the handy-dandy quest item, and (OMG) even a subtle hint about where to go! *gasp!* Please, read the quest, invoke those basic reasoning skills that apparently so many of you lack when new content is released, and don't ask general chat to solve all your problems. We hate you, and will most likely steer you wrong anyway.

Man, they let anyone just come along and scavenge mobs now? They don't have their own mount, they don't have real armor enchants, but engineers can pick apart broken machines!

Keristrasza: WORST FIGHT FOR HUNTERS EVAR. Seriously, the debuff is the very incarnate of evil. For the Heroic achievement, you can't allow it to stack more than twice, which means that I'll have to be constantly running in order to prevent myself from assuming the natural hunter state of stand -> shoot -> profit. At least I have four instant shots now...

The Scientist in me isn't sure she she likes Crystallized Air dropping from beings made entirely of gaseous water...
BIGGEST DISAPPOINTMENT EVER: The Taunka. I was quite ready to embrace them as a new race with a new model - I even put off seeing them until I had to, so that I could just keep with the spirit of the game and do it how Blizzard wanted me to. (I'm sure I could have hit 450 skinning yesterday instead of 446, but I didn't go out of my way to train Grand Master until I reached the town through the quest lines.) At first sight, I had to look closer to confirm that, yes, there was absolutely no difference between female Taunka and female Tauren. I accepted the male model until I noticed their portrait picture: They are wearing slightly better quality Flimsy Masks. That's it. They don't even have different voices. Blizzard was so lazy that they just slapped on a mask on a male Tauren and called it good. Bastards... They really know how to hurt the love of lore.


Kill Shot is okay, when I remember I have it. I do like how it doesn't highlight until the mob is 20% or under.

Aspect of the Viper - I dislike it. Either I want it's original pure mp5 form back, or I want the damage reduction and mana returned for damage done. This compromise of both is stupid and an extreme hassle. If I didn't have the gear I have, I can see it being a massive pain in the ass. I would forget I have it on until I notice my damage sucking, but five minutes later it would be up again regardless.

Don't forget to trade out your pets each time one hits 71! I was using Tinea until nearly 72, despite the fact that I have three others sitting in the stable - it's easy to forget.

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Pike said...

So disappointed with the female taunka-- or should I say lack therof =(