Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The raiding season has begun..

A week and a half after Wrath went live, my guild has over twenty 80s. The peer pressure to hit 80 and start running heroics and 10-mans is great, and, I admit, concerns about being left behind have crept into my thoughts. This is silly, of course. There are three officers who have not hit 80 yet - all three of us are undergrads with busy schedules. We want to raid as much as the next WoW-addict, but we are all too aware that we have to keep RL in order first.

So a large chunk of my guild ran Naxx tonight, and I hit 78 and started towards 79.

Along the way:

I love Titans, and any large, primeval woman wielding Lok'delar is a friend of mine.

I want a giant, portable aquarium...

I decided to polish off all the exploration achievements now that I can fly again, so I investigated all the nooks and crannies of Icecrown, Storm Peaks, Grizzly Hills, and Howling Fjord. All the discovery experience tallied up to a nice 3+ bars, as well.

I wonder who lives here?

I was completely blown away by the detail incorporated into the Storm Peaks. Blizzard definitely won me over for new graphics.

I made an attempt to look for the books in Dalaran that lead to the Higher Learning achievement, but evidently they were all on cooldown. Instead, I found a dated issue of Kin Tor Monthly and an example of their blatant elitism:

I can sorta sympathize with the Blue Dragonflight now...

My heart totally melted when I met the little furry Frenzyheart!

No, we don't like the dumb! They are such cute little pretentious bastards!

Awwww, look at him be all boss-like! I was completely pumped to start grinding rep for them, freaked out when I "accidentally" saved that ugly little Oracle and went to hated with the Frenzyheart, then became bummed to discover that I "need" to rep grind for both of them anyway. I really dislike the Oracles - they may be the next "evolution" of murlocs, but they look more like gremlins to me. Their toothy faces rather disturb me... /shudder. So I'll get their rep grind out of the way first, then switch back to the Frenzyheart.

Yes, I am surfing on the back of a crocodile.

For Rilgon:

Totally thought of you <3


Neggles said...

Hmm.. I see a little posting bot has been through... How does one thwart such things anyway?

Brajana said...

I know what you mean about being left behind. It's the last week of classes for me, and the last 2 weeks have been stuffed full of final assignments and tests. Still sitting just barely at 75! I'd love to be there the first time the guild goes into Nax, but I doubt I'll be 80 by then.

What I'm afraid of now, with hearing how quickly people are moving through end-game content, is that I'll be 80 before they clear the whole thing and move on to what's next! Yikes.

Rilgon Arcsinh said...

Oh man is that ever the fucking truth. :D

also brb poisoning some mages and having brewskis with malygos

Rilgon Arcsinh said...

And I think it's high time that we've finally come to something we disagree on.

The Frenzyheart are a bunch of dicks, and I relish every opportunity I get to kill a bunch of puppy-people.

Plus the Oracles trinket is WAY better than the Frenzyheart trinket.

Neggles said...

It's funny that a lot of my friends disagree with my favoritism of the Frenzyheart. I can sorta see it, if you take the little bastards seriously. I just want to walk around their little camp, watch them make little threats towards me, laugh heartily at them, then pat them on the head, as a wise old grandfather would do towards his rambunctious 5-year-old grandson. It's like 'Lord of the Flies' in WoW!

The Oracles may be fore intelligent, but they are creepy as all hell. That little bouncy walk they do? Yeah, freaks me out.