Saturday, November 29, 2008

Back in the saddle (again)

I jumped in with the Naxx run last night. As much as I enjoyed my two week break, it was nice raiding again as well. I felt slightly awkward jumping into a 3/4 cleared instance, and felt a bit guilty taking some gear (and by some, I mean Torment of the Banished off of Thaddius, which is a fair enough start for a DW set, I suppose - no one else wanted it).

Speaking of Thaddius, I hate the fact that people run him as "negative charge goes right and positive change goes left." SO BACKWARDS AND NOT INTUITIVE IN THE SLIGHTEST! Drives me nuts because I actually have to think about how to move.

One shot on both Thaddius and Razuvious, then we spent the rest of the night being raped by Gothik. Our set up was this:

Tanks: Two warriors, one well geared, one off-speccing for the fight, so not so well geared
Healers: Druid, pally, shaman
DPS: BM hunter, MM hunter, Destro lock, Boomkin, Frost mage

We tried so many different variations of players on the sides I couldn't begin to list them off. Because the two hunters tended to kill everything quickly, we were typically on dead side, but if we became overrun, we had no way to catch up, because if anything was in our melee range, we were screwed (I hate anything that doesn't slow). I discovered the utility of Disengage for such situations, but the CD was too long for the majority of instances. The offspec tank took responsibility for the night, since he is typically fury and hasn't really tanked since AQ40 back in the day. A pally tank would have been much easier, but he didn't show.

Overall, I was third in DPS, totally outstripped by the BM hunter in complete lvl 80 gear from heroics and Naxx, and the Destro warlock in majority lvl 80s gear. I beat the mage still in 70s gear (like me) and the boomkin in leveling gear, so I feel satisfied with how I did overall.

I really need to check what gear I should aim for in Naxx. Stupid RL taking up precious WoW time! :P


Rilgon Arcsinh said...


You're welcome to substitute the goggles for headgear of your choice and the Nesingwary 4000 for some other ranged weapon (crossbow from H-UP, maybe)

Neggles said...

Ah, love, skipping most of the 5-man gear and going straight into Naxx. Not that I'm not picking up stuff as it comes (the belt was snatched from Halls of Lightning) but I'm forgoing spending gold on enchants/gems on them since they are going to replaced by Naxx gear immediately. That, and I don't have the time to run a ton of 5-mans :( (stupid BA).

I did give your list a good going over though. Those pants are on my list for certain - next best until Naxx 25.

Rilgon Arcsinh said...

Ah, damn, I misread what you said. I'll see if I can put together a Naxx gearset.

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