Friday, November 28, 2008

Oh, mages

I ran Violet Hold last night with a pair of guildees and a couple of puggers. The inguild mage said she had a goal: Keep up with me on DPS. Inwardly, I went, "Yeah, right." She was a 77 in leveling gear verses me in T6; I did twice the amount of damage as she did (roughly 50% vs 25%). About a third of the way through the instance, she went "Jesus Neg - there is no catching up with you at this point." Silly mage, I could have told you that before we even stepped foot into the instance. More amusing was a 73 Blood DK that came along. Most of us are still ignorant about DKs, but evidently as a tanking spec, you really suck for damage output. Either that or the guy is fairly incompetent... It did mean we were essentially four-manning the instance, and that did not make Zuramat the Obliterator very fun at all...

Leatherworking hit 421 - a lot of Jormungar Leg Armor and Packs of Endless Pockets were made. the nice thing about Violet Hold was the leather I got out of it, not to mention the precious, precious Icy Dragonscales... Not sure where to go from here - generally the orange recipes are rough as hell to make, while some yellows are still tolerable.

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Rilgon Arcsinh said...

God I fucking hate Zuramat.

And once you start running the Oculus, you'll be drowning in Icy Dragonscales.