Friday, April 3, 2009

Blogroll Update


Careful Aim - Aerynn's a Night Elf MM Hunter, but I won't hold her race against her... *too* much. I rather enjoy her twist in blogging format as a product of the characters, not the player.


35 Yards Out - It's been a couple months, hope everything is alright with you and yours! If you ever come back, I'll be happy to add you again

Female Dwarfs Hunters Do Exist - Silence on your end for a month now, and there was some tension in the last few weeks as well.

Hanging in the balance:

Snake In The Grass - I really enjoy this blog, so I don't want to drop it out of blind hope that the author will return :( Hope everything is okay!


greenhunter said...

WoW - Thanks for the linkage :)

I'm here, I'm just having a weird case of the dumb (in head and blog.)

I think they made too many changes for me to keep up with this time round @_@

Negathle said...

Stick in there! Take it easy and at your own pace, it'll all come together :)