Monday, April 20, 2009

Yay, progress!

XT and Kologarn went down tonight - hells yeah! We even managed a relatively easy achievement on XT while we were at it. I'll post the XT vid once the other hunter officer uploads it, but sadly the recording for Kologarn screwed up.

I must say, it is very nice to be MM - overall (like that really means anything) I was #2, but I was consistantly in the top five for every attempt that I survived through until wipe was called. However, I don't like my state for mana - loosing both Rapid Recuperation and Imp. Steady Shot is probably just too much (and one point in Efficiency doesn't cut it either, me thinks), so I'll probably put a point back into RR.

Loot-wise: XT dropped some boots, but I wasn't interested in trading crit for Armor Pen. Kologarn also dropped a trinket, which I was all for taking, but since so many other officers were bidding, I ended up passing just so we could get it distributed.

Oh, and this little shiny:

Four bosses down, ten to go!

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