Friday, April 24, 2009

She feeds on your tears...

Well, Ignis died tonight. Yay. Managed to score an achievement while we were at it. No vid though - G was down for half the fight, so his angles were bad. I'll post another kill later.

You may wonder why I am less than enthused. Well, Auriaya's trash being bugged has a way of killing the mood.

If you don't know about Auriaya's trash, consider yourself lucky. If I go through the rest of this game without ever encountering such trash again, I will be happy. It consists of two pulls of two mobs each, both on either side of the middle platform. Theoretically, the two Storm Tempered Keepers are tanked apart from each other, but not too far to prevent them getting a buff that increases their damage. One of the mobs sends a slow-moving sphere towards the other that must be killed before it reaches him, else the second mob gets a buff. Both mobs must die at the same time as well, as to prevent the last-standing mob getting yet another buff.

This trash is painful enough without them being bugged. We encountered one bug the first time we worked on her, where if mob is tanked closer to the other trash pack than his companion, the sphere goes to the other trash pack, pulling them, and even the boss if she is patting close. So we kept the mobs close to the side we pulled them on.

The other pack pulled. And nothing was even close to them.

Talk about a wipe fest. A painful one at that. We tried it twice before admitting defeat to any strategy where they were tanked on the same platform where we tank the boss. We ended up pulling them up to the portal platform:

We had to heal through all their buffs, but it worked.

Then came the rest of the nights wiping on Auriaya herself. Really, I hate this boss. We started working on rogue-distraction pulls, and they worked well, abet slowing her pat even more when the distracts came too soon/late. We managed a single attempt where she was at 10%, but then the inevitable deaths due to devil-cat occurred.

Have I mentioned how much I hate cats?

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