Thursday, April 16, 2009

Happy Birthday, Butterfly!

A wee bit late, but mid-April marks the first year anniversary of this blog. I'm quite happy to have been writing about Marksman-huntering for a year now, and even though when I started it was out of frustration for the state of the hunter class in the Burning Crusade, now the prospects for playing what you love have never seemed brighter.

Thank you for following along on my journeys through Azeroth and Outland, and here's to another year!

I know I promised pics from Spring Break, but alas, none of my moth shots came out well and I only managed to identify one (a Four-lined Chocolate - no, this is not my picture), so I will give you a portrait of my class, put together by the art-minor in our group:

Guess which one is me!


Brajana said...

Hope you had a great trip!

Cute portrait. I'm gonna take a wild guess and pick the girl chasing the butterfly! :)

(it's not really a wild guess... your name is on the picture and on the blog!)

Negathle said...


I thought it was too obvious to not comment on :D